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Through its "JGC Pharmaceutical Engineering", the company has been engaged in engineering in pharmaceuticals and life sciences for almost half a century.
Responding to rapid technological progress in the field of pharmaceuticals and R&D facilities, our more than 400 dedicated engineers continuously provide optimal solutions as well as precise, rapid responses based on our accumulated wealth of experience through over 600 projects successfully delivered.

JGC's Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology

JGC provides extensive technology in various fields including active ingredients, preparation, biotech, regenerative medicine, and research.

Engineers Who Cover Extensive Areas and Abundant Experience

In order to respond to all needs of pharmaceuticals and R&D facilities, JGC Group has many specialized engineers in a wide range of fields. Based on our excellent project management techniques, we achieve results that lead to customer satisfaction and trust by carrying out projects together with our customers.

Total Number of Engineers for JGC Group's Pharmaceutical-related Projects

Japan's top mobilization capability
Wide-ranging engineers who cover everything from construction to machine equipment

JGC's Pharmaceuticals-related Project Experience

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