Basic Stance

JGC is strongly aware of the importance of corporate governance. We formulated the "JGC Way" -our corporate philosophy- in order to foster employees' understanding of JGC's corporate culture. Through awareness-raising activities, education, and training focused on the JGC Way, we are working to foster and promote our social creditability and develop our business based on coexistence with society. We ensure that each and every employee and executive upholds the shared values of adhering to highly ethical principles and promoting fair and transparent corporate activities, has a strong awareness of our social responsibilities as a company; and works to enhance our medium- to long-term corporate value and put our corporate philosophy into practice.

To put our corporate philosophy into practice we build favorable relations with stakeholders including shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, and members of local communities, are committed to disclosing information quickly and in an accurate manner, and work to enhance corporate governance through maintaining and strengthening the functions of bodies such as the Board of Directors and the Audit & Supervisory Board.

Material Issues in this Field (Related SDGs)

Occupational health and safety