Basic Policies

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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy

JGC is committed to fulfilling its role as a member of society (Corporate Citizenship). We recognize that the foundation of our business activities is strengthened by contributing to the prosperity of the world economy and society; to the healthy preservation of the global environment; and to the sustainable development of society and the global environment. To meet this commitment, JGC hereby establishes the following principles, which shall be applied, throughout its operations.

  1. 1.We shall conduct our business with a full understanding of the importance of quality, safety, and the environment.
  2. 2.We shall provide our social contributions using the characteristics of the JGC Group.
  3. 3.We shall comply with legal requirements inside and outside the country, and conduct our business in a fair and sincere manner following a proper governance system.
  4. 4.We shall disclose necessary information to our stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner.
  5. 5.We shall endeavor to maintain and further improve fair human resource management to develop people's ability and vitality based on mutual trust and responsibility.
  6. 6.We shall promote the awareness of CSR and further develop our CSR activities reflecting the voices of stakeholders.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Corporate Policy

JGC's corporate management is committed to providing a safe and healthful place of work throughout all of JGC's facilities, offices and work sites and to making every effort towards eliminating or minimizing any environmentally adverse effects of JGC's operations.

Thus, JGC will, in all of its operations and at all locations where work is being carried out under its control, promote the highest standards in health, safety, and environmental preservation and protection by establishing, implementing and maintaining an HSE Management System that will include such elements as targets and standards for HSE performance, HSE education programs and motivational incentives, and assessments and accountability for achievement of those targets and standards.

To meet this commitment, JGC in carrying out its operations, will in all cases, abide by the following principles:

  • Provide plants that meet the highest standards for safety and operation, and place the minimum burden on the environment.
  • Place the highest priority on the health and safety of personnel and on the preservation and protection of the environment.
  • Plan and perform work in accordance with the HSE Management System.
  • Hold employees, including those of Vendors and Subcontractors, responsible for their own HSE and that of their colleagues.
  • Ensure that personnel are trained in HSE.
  • Review, monitor and measure HSE performance for continual improvement.
  • Provide full cooperation to clients, statutory authorities and local communities.

This policy shall be posted at all locations under JGC control, and all those engaged in work for JGC or present at those locations shall be aware of its contents and shall commit themselves to its fullest implementation.

Safety and Health Policy

JGC Corporation places the highest priority on maintaining the safety and good health of all the personnel participating in or affected by JGC's operations and preventing property losses as JGC serves its clients, industry and the world community.

In the fulfillment of the above-stated policy, JGC hereby declares:

First JGC's management, employees and project employees are committed to continuing efforts for zero accidents, injuries and property losses.

Second JGC's management encourages safety and health awareness among its employees on an ongoing basis.

Third Regardless of the location, nature and type as well as size of projects, all applicable safety and health rules shall be strictly applied on all of JGC's projects.

JGC Corporation ensures that this policy, related directives and procedures are thoroughly communicated and implemented throughout the corporation and subcontractors engaged in JGC's projects.

Quality Policy

JGC Corporation has defined its growth strategy that clarifies the direction and business areas of the JGC Group over a period of 10 years in its "Beyond the Horizon" medium-term business plan. Based on this plan, JGC Corporation establishes this Quality Policy in order to ensure success in all projects that JGC Corporation executes.

  1. 1.We shall supply "JGC Quality" that fully satisfies and complements all applicable requirements based on the knowledge and skills, systems and highly talented human resources that we have continually built up through many years of project execution.
  2. 2.In our core business, oil & gas fields, while accurately assessing opportunities and risks, we shall aim to be a worldwide global contractor by further strengthening our project execution competence, pursuing technology advantages and expanding our business scope and markets, including the development of off-shore projects.
  3. 3.While expanding our oil & gas fields business, we shall also boost growth in infrastructure projects such as power generation, metals, life science, health care and airports as part of setting our focus on the creation of new overseas markets.
  4. 4.Through combining a strong sense of individual responsibility and creativity with a will to break down barriers between departments and among individuals, we shall pursue the realization of an "evolving organization" that promotes continual improvement and gives rise to innovation and improvement.
  5. 5.We aim to establish ourselves as an organization that will prompt customers to view us as their first choice contractor when they are faced with new or advanced technical challenges in an ever changing business environment.

Environmental Policy

As a global engineering company creating a more prosperous future for people and the earth, JGC Corporation establishes the following environmental policies to contribute to the protection of the earth's environment.

  1. 1.To establish, maintain and work through regular review for the continuous improvement of an Environmental Management System that clearly states and provides for the implementation of environmental targets for office operations and project execution which contribute to the prevention of environmental pollution.
  2. 2.To use our technical expertise to provide our clients with access to services that contribute to the protection of the earth's environment.
  3. 3.To fully conform with environmental laws and regulations established for the protection of the environment and with related agreements reached with clients and stakeholders.
  4. 4.To minimize the burden on the environment from office operations by reducing waste, promoting reuse and recycling, and limiting energy consumption.
  5. 5.To strictly observe the following principles in carrying out the engineering, procurement and construction work for our projects.
    • In our design work for projects we shall strive to minimize adverse impacts on the environment through measures that include limiting the consumption of resources and energy, and working to prevent pollution of the air, water and soil.
    • In procurement, we shall encourage vendors that show a positive attitude toward the use of environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.
    • In construction, we shall minimize the use of resources and the production of waste, promote recycling, and strive to protect the environment through preventing the pollution of the air, water and soil.

Social Contribution Policy

"Quality, Safety, and the Environment," "Social Contribution," "Employee Satisfaction," "Information Disclosure," "Compliance," and "Governance" are six the fundamental components which guide JGC's CSR Policy. Furthermore, JGC has established four target areas for our Social Contribution Policy, in line with the unique capabilities of JGC Group.

  1. 1.Environment: To actively contribute to environmental conservation
  2. 2.Education: To support the education of the next generation of qualified professionals
  3. 3.Science and Technology: To support science and technology that will form the foundation of sustainable development
  4. 4.Community Contribution: To contribute to the sustainable development of the areas where we do business

IR Policy

1. Disclosure Standards
JGC discloses information accurately in a fair and timely manner in accordance with the "Disclosure of Corporate Affairs and Other Related Matters" chapter of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and with the "Timely Disclosure Rules for Issuers of Listed Negotiable Securities or Valuable Instruments" (hereafter "Timely Disclosure Rules") laid out by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, regarding the content of financial results briefings and other information not under the jurisdiction of the Timely Disclosure Rules, JGC has a policy of disclosing appropriate information to investors upon request, in a fair and thorough manner, to the best of our ability.
2. Methods of Information Disclosure
Information falling under the jurisdiction of the Timely Disclosure Rules will be disclosed, as specified in the rules, over the Tokyo Stock Exchange information disclosure system (TDnet), following an explanation to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Timely Disclosure Rules shall be disclosed at an appropriate time, by an appropriate method, in an accurate and fair manner, with due consideration for its dissemination to general investors. Therefore, we request that investors who wish to confirm information disclosed by JGC should refer to the information posted on the company website, TDnet, and the like.
3. Future Prospects
In addition to the performance forecast submitted by JGC to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, JGC may also provide guidance on its future prospects to investors and securities analysts, so they can publish their own forecasts. In addition, lectures, Q&A sessions, documents published by the company, information posted on the company website, etc. may include information about current plans, future prospects and strategies. In either case, any information which is not recorded historical fact is a forecast for the future based on set preconditions and the judgment of the company management based on the information available at the time the prediction was made. Therefore, when investigating JGC's performance, business value, etc. we request that analysts and investors refrain from relying solely on future forecasts and forward-looking statements.
Since actual business performance depends on numerous different factors, in some cases, actual results may differ significantly from predicted results. Factors with a major influence on actual business performance include (1) economic circumstances surrounding the company in the domestic and worldwide market, (2) domestic and worldwide energy demand, (3) currency exchange rates, and others. Factors affecting business performance are not limited to the three items mentioned above.
4. Regarding the Period of Silence
Before financial results briefings, JGC establishes a "period of silence," during which we refrain from making comments or answering questions regarding financial results, so as to avoid information disclosures which could influence our stock prices while we are preparing the data to be presented at the financial results briefing. However, in the event that actual results deviate significantly from expected results during the "period of silence," we will disclose the information appropriately via a press release.

Basic Policy for JGC Group Information Security

Information and information systems are important assets, and information security is essential in maintaining the trust of clients, business partners, and other parties and performing our social responsibilities. Bearing this in mind, the JGC Group will establish a basic policy for JGC Group information security as follows, and JGC Corporation and other member companies will make a group effort to implement it.

  1. 1.Observe applicable laws, regulations, and standards relevant to information security.
  2. 2.Use information assets effectively within the required limits of business activities.
  3. 3.Take reasonable safety measures and necessary corrective action to prevent unlawful computer access, loss of information, computer hacking, alteration of database, information leakage, etc.
  4. 4.Set up an organization for promoting information security with the aim of making continued efforts in our approach to information security and its review, improvement, and enhancement.
  5. 5.Provide corporate officers and employees with necessary education and strengthened awareness with respect to information security.