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Please read the following conditions and privacy policies in its entirety prior to accessing the JGC website at (www.jgc.com). Access is only accepted after agreeing to the terms.

Conditions of Use


JGC has made every effort possible to update and keep the most accurate information on the JGC website. However, this does not in any way whatsoever guaranty that all the information is perfect. JGC will not be held liable under any circumstances for any erroneous information that may lead to trouble between the user and a third party. Furthermore, JGC will not be held responsible for any troubleshooting or damage to software or hardware that may result from browsing the JGC website.


JGC holds all copyrights to the contents of this website. However, some copyrights and other copyrights may belong to other outside parties. As a rule, each copyright shall be held by the owner of each copyright. Users are permitted to download this website for personal use on their personal computer, to save on their personal computer, or to printout. However, it is prohibited to transfer the contents of this website to another website or printed sources. It is also prohibited to use the contents of this website beyond the limits permitted by copyright laws, without prior written permission for use.


JGC, and/or holders approving the use by JGC of their trade/service marks on this website, own the rights to all trademarks and service marks appearing on the JGC website. It is prohibited to use any trademarks or service marks on this website without prior written permission for use.


Note that a cookie (data) may be sent to and saved on your computer when you browse the JGC website. This cookie is provided to boost user convenience upon browsing the JGC website. A cookie cannot start a program or send any viruses, and is not hazardous on its own. Users who wish to reject any cookies should set the operating conditions of their browser to refuse any cookies.

Links to the JGC Website

As a rule, users are free to create links to the JGC website. However, users must address the webmaster (webmaster@jgc.com) of the planned link prior to creating a link. JGC also holds the rights to terminate any linkage to the JGC website, depending on the website details and the linkage method.

When linking the URL, indicate the basic address at (https://www.jgc.com/) and clearly indicate that this is the official website of JGC. As a rule, direct linkage to the lower hierarchical pages on the JGC website is prohibited.

Mail Address for More Information

JGC clearly indicates the mail address to contact on each respective page of the JGC website. Please address your inquiries to the e-mail address appearing on the page in which you may have any questions. Contact the JGC webmaster at (webmaster@jgc.com) if you are unsure of where to address the mail or for overall inquiries on the overall JGC website.
JGC will make every effort to respond to mail received. However, there may be cases in which it will be impossible for JGC to respond to all mail. Further, JGC will only respond to personal e-mail addresses. JGC holds all copyrights to the e-mail exchanged. JGC requires prior permission in writing for users to use the contents of this e-mail in part or whole for secondary purposes.

Privacy Policy

JGC will handle user information on the JGC website with the utmost care and make every effort to protect personal information. Please read JGC's privacy policy on user information prior to using the website.

Protection of Privacy

Please note that users do not have to provide their personal information including name, address and e-mail address when casually browsing the JGC website.
An exception would be the questionnaire page on the JGC website. JGC may ask for personal user information to improve the communication status with the user and the services provide on the JGC website. In such case, JGC will only require minimal personal information, though the user is always invited to complete the items required to the extent he or she wishes.

JGC may contract an outside cooperative (hereinafter Contractor) to operate, manage and administrate the JGC website. In such case, JGC will take all precautions possible to prevent the Contractor from learning any personal user information.

JGC will under no circumstances share our customer's user information with a third party other than the Contractor, unless the user agrees to such disclosure. However, JGC may disclose user information without the consent of the user when requested by public authorities for use in trials, police investigations, and other public matters.

JGC's web server is designed to automatically record the user's IP and domain name of the computer accessing the JGC website. Note that this information cannot identify a personal user and is a measure simply to statistically count the number of user access to the JGC website. This clearly and simply means that all users browsing the JGC website will remain anonymous unless the user purposely provides their personal information to JGC.

JGC has appointed a suitable webmaster to closely manage all personal information of the user. Every effort shall be made to prevent any information from being disclosed. Further, JGC takes precautions to protect personal information of the user through appropriate and feasible safety measures against unauthorized access, hacking, cracking, loss, destruction, modification, or other.

JGC will periodically improve and update the above recitals on how personal information is handled.

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