JGC Group Code of Business Conduct

The 2018 "JGC Group Code of Business Conduct" evolved from JGC Corporation's 2002 "Code of Business Conduct" and provides an even more wide-ranging guide for desirable corporate behavior. Its foundations lie in JGC's Purpose and Values, providing a thorough guide to the actions expected of all those employed throughout the JGC group.

Contents of the JGC Group Code of Business Conduct

To JGC Group Personnel

JGC's Purpose and Values and JGC Group Code of Business Conduct

Our Responsibility

Reporting and Consultation

1. Our Pride

2. Diversity

3. Secure Work Environment and Disciplined Behavior

4. Bribery and Other Anti-Social Transactions

5. Fair Competition and International Trade

6. Corporate Assets and Information

7. Distinction Between Corporate and Private Affairs