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Building New Hospitals through JGC's Project Management and Engineering Methods

With a backdrop of rapid aging of society and continuous healthcare reforms in Japan, there is a need for new medical facilities to be built with an eye toward the future healthcare. For a new future, JGC takes a holistic approach to integrating and optimizing factors of management, operation, architecture, equipment and information systems, and it has worked on numerous leading-edge projects throughout Japan.
In particular, it draws on its expertise as an engineering company, providing support services on each step of projects:
For the basic concept phase, it takes various factors into account such as surveys of regional medical needs to determine the types of care to be provided. For the basic engineering phase, it transforms the basic concept into a practical reality. It has been highly evaluated by clients for applying the project management methods which it has cultivated through many years of work on both domestic and international projects, providing services that optimize project's quality, cost and schedule at a high level. JGC also participates in hospital operation through the business scheme of private finance initiative (PFI). At the same time, it is involved in the opening of hospitals itself in other countries, maximizing the advantages offered by Japan's advanced medical capabilities and hospitality spirits.

JGC engages in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) business for getting optimal medical care functions for client hospitals and patients into shape, and hospital management and operation business by making full use of expertise developed in its PFI business practices.

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Building New Hospitals through JGC's Project Management and Engineering Methods

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