Management Strategy

Beyond the Horizon

1st Stage of Growth Strategy for Realization of Corporate Vision

JGC has developed its New Medium-Term Business Plan, "Beyond the Horizon," covering the five-year period from fiscal 2016 to 2020.

Since the inception of "New Horizon 2015", the previous Medium-Term Business Plan, the JGC Group has sought to transform itself into a "Program Management Contractor & Investment Partner" to meet a wide variety of client needs and create new value for its clients.

"Beyond the Horizon", the New Medium-Term Business Plan, presents basic policies, business strategies and numerical goals for the next five years, with the aim of further accelerating advances to the new corporate format of Program Management Contractor & Investment Partner and realizing completion of the transformation by ten years from now in 2025.

"Beyond the Horizon" will be a crucial milestone in significantly expanding the JGC Group's business scope, as it looks ahead ten years. The JGC Group will be fully mobilizing its resources to achieve the targets set out within the Business Plan.

Positioning of the New Medium-Term Business Plan

Five-years growth strategy as the 1st Stage of a 10-year plan toward realization of the corporate vision