Basic HSSE Guidelines

JGC positions Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE*) performance as a corporate value that is to be continuously pursued. Based on our fundamental principle of "to create safe, secure and healthy workplaces in which all staff can carry out their functions with confidence" we work to implement HSSE initiatives in projects carried out in a wide variety of environments and conditions domestically and internationally, thereby gaining the trust of customers and fulfilling our social responsibilities.

We established universal principles for HSSE and formulated the JGC Group Basic HSSE Guidelines with a view toward sharing them with the whole JGC Group, and distributed them to employees across the JGC Group. In project execution conducted by the JGC Group in Japan and overseas, we undertake sincere initiatives related to HSSE as a common pursuit that is in line with these guidelines, an attitude which has been highly appreciated by our clients.

  • *HSSE stands for Health, Safety, Security and the Environment.
HSSE Slogan
HSSE Individual Code of Behavior
  • Be a willing observer of basic rules
  • Be mutually supportive, and appreciate the contributions made by others
  • Be prepared to take the lead

What are IIF Activities?

The Incident and Injury Free® (IIF®) program is based on the idea of workers watching out for each other and ensuring that everyone involved in a construction project is able to return home safety without incident. Safety is not something that is enforced, but a conscious decision made by each person involved in a project. By working to improve safety awareness, we foster a culture of safety throughout the whole corporate group. Everyone, from our managers in change of a construction site to the workers at the site, play a vital role in ensuring the safety of all of those involved.

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