Oil and Gas Production, Separation, and Integration


Support that Starts from the Upstream Planning Stage

In the oil and gas upstream fields, JGC implements many projects and has extensive experience with oil and gas gathering facilities, separation plants, pressure boosting facilities, and other facilities in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. In the field of hydrocarbon resources, in response to the increased consumption by developing countries of natural gas, which places less of a burden on the environment, there has been a world-wide increase in demand and, with the development of shale gas, particularly in North America, further growth is expected in the use of natural gas. With its superior engineering and project management skills, JGC carries out upstream and large-scale gas treatment plant construction projects in various regions throughout the world to support the expanding demand for energy.
Furthermore, as part of its business investment and operation activities, JGC has been involved in the business of oil and gas field development since 2004. As an enterprise with a strong background as an engineering contractor, it has entered a new field of endeavor through its participation in shale oil and gas development in North America.

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