Business Continuity Planning Technology

Proposing and Realizing Optimal Building Structures

Additional aseismatic structural frame

In accordance with risk analyses for pharmaceutical and research facilities during disasters, JGC provides safety and security by proposing and implementing balanced countermeasures that place greatest priority on "the safety of human lives" and "the early resumption of operations," with measures for not only protecting the building, but also production equipment.

Moreover, JGC allows not only the evaluation and selection of earthquake-resistance, seismic base isolation, seismic damping, and the earthquake-resistance grade of the building, but also the deployment of deformation control technology and fall prevention implemented in the furnishings and production equipment in accordance with the structural design of the building. This results in the construction of an overall optimized building that enables business continuity management by the customer.

Comparison of recovery schedule with comprehensive countermeasures
Example of cable supports as part of comprehensive countermeasures
Example of pipe supports as part of comprehensive countermeasures