Technologies of Swing and Nikki-Universal

Making Use of Synergy within the JGC Group

The JGC Group engages in technical exchanges regarding pharmaceuticals and research within the group to design equipment and develop devices that keep up with the latest engineering trends, and provide, e.g., equipment maintenance services.

Swing Corporation

Swing Corporation is a total solution provider for the water business, designing, constructing and business management, maintenance and operational services for water treatment plants for waterworks and wastewater in the fields of tap water, sewage, night soil treatment, pharmaceuticals, etc. For the pharmaceutical industry, Swing Group, mainly Swing AM, a subsidiary of Swing Corporation, provide one-stop Support Service for Pharmaceutical, providing everything from operational management of facilities and utility equipment to maintenance management, equipment deployment, and choosing and delivery of industrial chemicals at pharmaceutical factories and laboratories.
Furthermore, JGC and Swing have begun an initiative to boost the quality of pharmaceutical engineering by making sure the design concepts behind the pharmaceutical factories designed and constructed by JGC are passed on to Swing. This attitude toward the life cycle management of facilities and equipment ensures high-quality and efficient maintenance, while any information on improvements that can be made that come to light during operation is fed back to the design staff of JGC.

Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd.

Since Nikki-Universal began selling catalysts for petroleum refining and petrochemicals, the company has continued providing various catalyst solutions for over half a century. In the fields of pharmaceuticals and research, too, the company has been selling cracking catalysts for hydrogen peroxide, and enzyme filters through which natural enzymes are immobilized.

Bactericidal Enzyme Filter

Preventing secondary contamination from the downstream side through sterilization of microorganisms collected by the filter!

In recent years, the company has not only been selling hydrogen peroxide vaporizers, hydrogen peroxide gas decomposition catalysts, hydrogen peroxide gas concentration analyzers, etc. in its hydrogen peroxide related business, but it has also been providing sterilization services with hydrogen peroxide gas.

Total sterilization system provided by Nikki-Universal (hydrogen peroxide related business)
One of the world's smallest hydrogen peroxide vaporizers