Single-Use Technology

Offering Optimal Proposals for Applying Single-Use Technology

Application of "Single-Use Technology" is indispensable in order to realize "early launch" and "application to multiple products" in the manufacturing of bio-pharmaceuticals including antibodies, or of sterile medicinal products. Based on our abundant experience, JGC offers optimal manufacturing facilities applying Single-Use Technology.

Evaluation for the Performance of Single-Use Products

JGC offers optimal single-use products through accumulating the latest information regarding the data and evaluation that is especially focused on by end users for the performance of several type of single-use products supplied by overseas suppliers.

Examples of Performance Test

  • Temperature distribution test for single-use bioreactors
  • Pressure test for single-use bags
  • Insoluble particulate matter test for single-use bags
  • Evaluation for aseptic connectors to maintain aseptic condition
  • Evaluation of the ease of sterilization in autoclaves for aseptic connectors

Performance Test for Single-Use Bioreactor

JGC has the required technical foundation for offering optimal proposals to end users regarding, for example, operability and performance of cultivation from our mammalian cell cultivation tests by using a single-use bioreactor.

Single-use bioreactor (cultivation result/overview of cultivation)

Ongoing Patent Application for the Method of Leak Test for Single-Use Products

JGC has developed a method for the leak testing of single-use products which does not require a large-scale system and is able to test on a production site (ongoing application for the patent).