Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Support Technology

Engineering a Highly Sterile Environment

JGC combines barrier technology such as isolators and automation technology to support the creation of an effective manufacturing environment for sterile pharmaceutical products.

Stopper processor

Aseptic Isolator

JGC actively adopts isolators that can provide an advanced aseptic environment. This is compatible with the containment of highly potent pharmaceuticals, the need for which has been increasing recently in the field of sterile pharmaceutical product manufacturing. We consistently design this from the mock-up stage to decontamination cycle development.

Aseptic filling machine isolator

RABS (Restricted Access Barrier Systems)

JGC has abundant experience with RABS, the use of which has spread over the past decade. We provide a highly sterile manufacturing environment through the restriction of an operator intervention, combining this with room decontamination process, and more.


Automation/Manpower Saving

Elimination of "intervention by operators" has a great advantage in achieving highly sterile environments. JGC actively uses robots and automatic machinery, and supports manufacturing cost reduction through environmental management and manpower saving.

Process automation