Environmental and Energy Consulting

Contributing to Realizing a Sustainable Society

The JGC Group develops consulting projects targeting extensive areas including information research, field research, analysis and evaluation, reliability and risk assessment, numerical simulations, and policy support, centered on the environment and energy fields.
In the environment field, the JGC Group handles extensive themes including the global-scale environmental issues of ocean areas, land areas, living things, waste, harmful chemicals, radioactive material, transboundary air pollution, and climate change, as well as environmental issues in the deep sea where resources development has advanced in recent years.
In addition, in the energy field, the JGC Group responds to renewable energy and new energy technology evaluations in recent years, including regulatory trends regarding nuclear power information investigation regarding decommissioning measures, and numerical simulations.
The JGC Group will utilize its advanced consulting capability cultivated so far, aim for harmony of the energy supply, economic development, and environmental conservation, and contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

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