Open Innovation

Providing Solutions to Social Issues Domestically and Internationally

JGC not only engages in the plant business, but we are also implementing initiatives to address the international social issue of preserving the global environment, as well the regional social issue of deploying Japanese medicine in developing countries. In addition to striving in pursuit of saving energy in the operation of plants, the company boasts some of the world's most advanced technologies in the field of carbon dioxide (CO2) separation technologies for CCS and CCUS. JGC has also been investing effort into promoting and spreading renewable energy, with an extensive track record in running projects in the fields of photovoltaic power and solar thermal power generation, and biomass generation.
Furthermore, the company is implementing initiatives in improving the working environment and boosting productivity by making use of IT at construction sites, for example, through materials management using drones, visualization of work processes using AR (augmented reality)/VR (virtual reality), and use of positional information.

We are looking for partners who can work with us in solving social issues in the global arena. Companies that wish to cooperate with us are asked to contact us via the inquiry form on this website.

The partners we seek for collaboration are

  1. 1.Companies that aim to establish new processes, modify or scale-up their processes
  2. 2.Companies that have technologies in environmental pollution measures or for making effective use of renewable energy
  3. 3.Companies with ideas (IT, real techniques) for innovating social infrastructure businesses (in power generation, power systems, healthcare, airports, etc.)
  4. 4.Companies with technologies for realizing improved working environments at construction sites (for workers, material management, crime prevention, etc.)
  5. 5.Companies with technologies for innovating engineering project management in designing, procurement, on-site management, etc.

Examples of technologies we seek

  • Technologies that contribute to improvements (of MW or more) in the use/economic efficiency of renewable energy
  • Technologies in energy/electricity storage
  • Technologies in large-scale energy harvesting
  • Technologies for making use of LNG cryogenic power generation
  • Technologies for utilization of the recovered CO2
  • Technologies for improving environments in developing countries
  • E.g., integrated systems of the future

Examples of technologies under development

Collaboration - Innovative R&D

JGC will support the development of processes and commercialization through joint development and technical support making use of our wealth of experience in designing and constructing numerous energy and chemical plants, collaborating with group catalyst manufacturers, and various evaluation and analysis technologies for everything from microreactors to pilot plants.

Providing One-stop Solution with Technologies Required in Various Phases

Providing One-stop Solution with Technologies Required in Various Phases

The Technologies and Services of JGC

  • Developmental Support
    • Development of unit operation technology
    • Physical properties evaluation
    • Reactor designing
    • Selection of materials for equipment
    • Examination of value chains
    • Process optimization
    • Examination of economic feasibility
  • Proposing and Providing of Catalysts
    • Evaluation and selection of new catalysts
    • Development of methods for manufacturing catalysts
  • Providing of Functional Materials
  • Engineering Support
    • HAZOP
    • HSE examination
    • PINCH Technology
    • Value Engineering

Examples of Serviced Provided

Reaction Analyses and Optimization of Reactors and Processes

JGC designs optimized reactors based on the results of kinetic analyses using test reactors, integral kinectic analysis tools and reactor simulations using CFD (computational fluid dynamics). We will realize scaling up of operations and optimization of processes through simulations, demonstration experiments, materials evaluation, etc.
(Experiences (achievements)): The temperature and concentration distribution inside tubular and adiabatic reactors are simulated based on the results of analyses of the reaction speeds of aromatization of light naphtha consisting of 19 elementary reactions.
(Experiences (achievements)): Batch type and CSTR type (continuous stirred-tank reactor) reactors for chemical plants, bioreactors for pharmaceuticals plants, etc.

Development of New Catalytic Processes

Based on collaboration with catalyst manufacturing group companies (JGC Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd. and Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd.), JGC will provide support in choosing optimal catalysts for new processes and reactions, as well as in developing catalysts and commercializing them. Development can be accelerated by making use of JGC's Research and Development Center, JGC Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd., and other cooperating external testing laboratories in carrying out catalyst analysis tests and various other analyses. Simultaneously carrying out the development and engineering of high performance catalysts enables the streamlining of everything from process development to commercialization.
(Experiences (achievements)): Fluidized-bed catalysts/honeycomb catalysts, and the process development of high-calorie exothermic reaction processes/small pressure difference reaction processes/gas-liquid-solid three-phase reaction processes.

Examination of Optimization of Commercial Plants

JGC carries out conceptual designing of optimal reaction processes to evaluate economic feasibility through the examination of reaction speed analyses, and separation and refinement based on client test data.
(Experiences (achievements)): Through contract and joint research with petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical companies to date, JGC cooperates in the evaluation of trickle bed reactors, stirred reactors and tubular reactors, and conceptual designing of processes.

Examination of Energy-saving and Environmental Measures

JGC will cooperate in realizing energy savings and solving environmental problems based on pinch technology and technology to make effective use of waste heat.