(Automated Plot Plan Design System)


A New Method for Plot Plan Optimization ~ Solutions that Humans Cannot Think Of ~

Auto Plot PATHFINDER® is an automated plot plan design system developed by JGC that is based on AI technology and JGC’s huge amount of plant design experience.
A plot plan design is an optimal location problem in a highly flexible three-dimensional space that considers material cost, constructability and maintainability. While it was an opportunity to show an engineer’s skill, the design task was relied heavily on experience of senior engineers. Auto Plot PATHFINDER® automats the plot plan design process and proposes optimized plot plans by using AI algorithms and the explicit knowledge of senior engineer’s experience.

Optimal Plot Plan Proposal

Plot Plan is the most basic design document that shows equipment location, and it could impact on overall plant design, construction, maintenance and operation. It used to be designed by a senior engineer one by one but as a generative design system, Auto Plot PATHFINDER® can instantly generate multiple 3D plot plans with quantitative scores by using graph clustering method and genetic algorithm technique. In addition, this system can even generate plot plans that human cannot think of.

Graph clustering
3D plot plans generated by genetic algorithm

Benefits of Auto Plot PATHFINDER®

By generating multiple plot plans with scores, Auto Plot PATHFINDR can provide clear visibility at decision making process for the best plot plan selection at Feasibility Study and FEED stage together with client by referring to 3D plot plan and by comparing such as maintainability and constructability.

This system is one of the Engineering DX initiatives in the "ITGP2030" promoted by JGC. So that we can deliver plants that fully satisfy our customers’ needs, JGC will continue to pursue optimal solutions.

Phases of Use of Auto Plot PATHFINDER®