Life Cycle Support Services for Air-cooled LNG Plants

AIRLIZE LNG® is the name given to JGC's comprehensive engineering services scheme which has been developed to support Air-cooled LNG plants throughout their life cycle including planning, plant design, procurement, and construction as well as operation and maintenance.

The size of LNG plants and their location have become rapidly diversified as energy demand increases. Moreover, skillful and meticulous services are in high demand. In recent years, the need and demand for environmental preservation and the conservation of air, water and the natural ecosystem are rapidly expanding.
In response to these challenges, JGC has implemented AIRLIZE LNG®, a total engineering services scheme that supports Air-cooled LNG plants throughout their life cycle to achieve long term energy conservation and harmony with the global environment. We utilize our skills, experience and knowledge, and realize our goal; increasing production rates and plant availability.

Controlling Air, a Key to AIRLIZE LNG®

One of the critical issues in the Air-cooled LNG treatment process is the decline in the plant productivity due to the influence of the weather conditions. The cooling capability of the Air-cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs) has a direct and severe impact on the production rate for LNG. One critical issue common with ACHEs is Hot Air Recirculation (HAR), the phenomenon in which the hot air from the ACHEs flows back into the ACHEs intake. The cooling performance of the ACHEs decreases due to HAR. Moreover, the weather conditions such as wind direction, wind speed and ambient air temperature also affect the gas turbines performance. There is a growing concern regarding the performance drop of the ACHEs and the gas turbines that leads to a decrease in LNG production.

The control of air around the ACHEs and gas turbines plays a significant role in maximizing the production rate and plant availability. The technologies and know-how associated with air control are being established and improved at JGC using our industry-leading knowledge and abundant project experience.

Services to Support Plant Life Cycle

AIRLIZE LNG® can offer a variety of effective solutions for air control at each stage of the plant life cycle to overcome the influence of weather fluctuations. Furthermore, JGC has developed innovative solutions to improve our services for LNG plants where we have been providing our clients with top quality services for over a half-century.

  • Concept (FS, pre-FEED)
Site Selection
Business Planning
  • FEED
Practical Plant Layout
Optimum Design
  • EPC
Fast-track EPC
Early Start Up
  • O&M
Improving Asset Value
Stable Operation
Scheduled Maintenance and Performance Assessment of ACHEs and Gas Turbines

Advantages of AIRLIZE LNG®

The technologies and know-how regarding "Air Control" are JGC's original innovations. By using these effectively, the design and construction of compact plants and reductions in cost can be achieved while minimizing the influence of HAR. During plant operation, HAR mitigation measures can be offered by comprehensively analyzing the main factors that affect performance such as the site weather conditions and plant layout.

JGC continues to pursue the optimal solutions to increase production rates and plant availability for our clients.