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Exploring Your Optimum in LNG

Engineering Service for LNG Plant Lifecycle Value Enhancement

LNG Cube is our engineering service that provides LNG plant lifecycle value enhancement through our Workshop & Consulting service for LNG plants that applies all of JGC's proprietary LNG technologies.

Explore together Workshop & Consulting

Our extensive experience and our capability of leading LNG project success will guide you with quick and complete solutions for optimal project execution, such as EPC support for those newly entering the LNG business, new design plans for challenging conditions, troubleshooting of plants during operation, and increasing LNG production through effective investment.

JGC = Sherpa

The quality of LNG Cube is made possible by JGC's site, technology and client driven culture based on JGC's having built and operated many LNG plants.
We are not an ordinary consultant that just makes recommendations. As a partner, we will guide you to the optimal project execution and production, just as a Sherpa guides a climber to the summit of Mt. Everest.

JGC = Sherpa

World-class LNG Technology

Our extensive portfolio of proprietary technologies applicable throughout the LNG Plant Lifecycle ensures the quality and uniqueness of the LNG Cube workshop & consulting service.
For example, our Airlize technology optimizes LNG production by controlling air, and our state-of-the-art module technology, J·I·Module™, reduces project risk during construction.

JGC Group LNG Technology Portfolio

JGC Group LNG Technology Portfolio

How to Start LNG Cube

Please return the survey form along with operational data.
JGC will propose "The best strategy for speed" and "The best way to the future" for your LNG plant through LNG Cube.

Typical LNG Cube Work Flow