JGC Air-cooled Heat Exchanger Optimization System
Services to Provide Optimal Air-cooled Heat Exchanger Design to Meet Plant Conditions

Air-cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs) need to be designed to suit various conditions such as plant site area, climate and weather conditions, and operations. Especially for Air-cooled LNG plants, the ACHEs have a significant impact on the plant's overall design and LNG production, so it is essential to optimize the ACHE design to suit the project.
The JGC group makes use of our extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Air-cooled LNG plants and offers proposals for ACHE design from the viewpoint of EPC contractor to optimize whole-plant design.

Trade-off between Design Factors

There are numerous design patterns for ACHEs. So far, optimal design based on detailed analysis and evaluation has often not been conducted and the design was finalized by engineers, based on their personal experience. The challenge was to understand the trade-off between design factors and then optimize whole-plant design.

Design Automation × Multifaceted Evaluation

J-AOS performs the automatic design of ACHEs, taking into consideration various conditions such as the size of the plot area, climate, and plant operation. Promising candidates are extracted from numerous design patterns and presented to the engineers as an information for their final decision.
All design factors are visualized according to the design requirements and unique site conditions, allowing for multifaceted evaluations.

image diagram
before Rule of thumb→1 Design after Multiple Automatic Design×Multidimensional Evaluation→Optimal Design
FS, Pre-FEED Phases

Advantages of Introducing J-AOS

FS, Pre-FEED Phases

We can investigate all possibilities and conduct highly accurate and persuasive studies.

EPC Phase

Automatic design allows early finalization of design information for ACHEs and speedy project start-up.

Revamp Phase

We can provide optimal engineering solutions for existing plants with a variety of constraints.