Social Contribution Activities

Human Resource Development and Educational Support

Hosting of company visits from public high schools

Events held in 2019

JGC group hosts company visits by students from public high schools in Yokohama City. Through discussions with employees and VR experience of business operations, the Group helps students develop accurate views of the nature of the working environment as well as fostering the ability to independently choose a career path (implementation of this program was suspended in 2021 due to the COVID-19 restrictions).

Participation in the Science and Engineering Challenge (Ricochare)

To support female students interested in science and engineering fields in choosing a career path with a clear image of their future self, JGC group participates in the "Science and Engineering Challenge (Ricochare)," an initiative led by the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office (conducted online in 2021, with many female students applying for the program).

JGC Family Day

For more than 10 years, the JGC Group has held an annual "JGC Family Day," an in-house social event for Group employees and their children, for the purpose of fostering children's social and professional development, as well as to promote family understanding of work and strengthen relationships with them (in 2020 and 2021, the event was held online due to the COVID-19 restrictions).

Chemistry experiment course for elementary school students

JGC C&C holds an annual chemistry experiment course for local elementary school students at its Kitakyushu Plant (Fukuoka Prefecture) for the purpose of interacting with and contributing to the local community. The program is so popular that the number of applicants exceeds the capacity each time, and a variety of experiments are conducted.
As a manufacturer of functional materials, JGC C&C feels that it is meaningful to provide children with opportunities to deepen their interest in chemistry, and will continue to build good relationships with local communities (the program was suspended in 2021 due to the COVID-19 restrictions).

Supporting the development of the next generation of human resources through the JGC-S (Nikki-Saneyoshi) Scholarship

Group photo of scholars

Established in March 1968 through a donation from the estate of Masao Saneyoshi, founder of the JGC Group, the JGC-S (Nikki-Saneyoshi) Scholarship Foundation's main activities are to provide scholarships to Japanese undergraduate and graduate students majoring in science and engineering and to international students from overseas, as well as research grants to young researchers.

Conducting a programming education project in Iraq.

JGC Corporation, a JGC Group company, started a programming education project "JGC Code Education" for public elementary schools in Basrah on March 6, 2022, as part of the refinery modernization project currently being implemented in Basrah, Iraq. Over the next two years, the project will provide programming classes to approximately 20,000 students, contributing to the development of future IT technology human resources in the country and the creation of jobs for young people.

Environmental Conservation Initiatives

Water Catchment Area Forestation Projects

To commemorate its 80th anniversary, JGC group became a watershed forest partner in Kanagawa Prefecture's Water Source Conservation Project in August 2008 and launched an environmental conservation project. Since September 2013, we have been making donations to Kanagawa Prefecture as a forest renewal partner in the project.
Through the project, employees of the JGC Group assist with watershed forest conservation while deepening their understanding of the role of watershed forests and the importance of coexisting with nature. In addition to activities such as forest walks and aquatic life observation sessions, in 2021 we are working to plant seedlings and nurture forests on forest land leased from Kanagawa Prefecture.

Regional development

Donations to the Canadian Mental Health Association

The LNG Canada project makes donations to the Canadian Mental Health Association's welfare campaign to promote physical and mental health.

Donations to regional offices of the BC Ministry of Health

The LNG Canada project supports the provision of comprehensive treatment services for mental health and addiction in the community through donations to Northern Health, a regional office of the Ministry of Health of the province of British Columbia (BC), where the plant is being built.

Donation Activities for Telethon (Charitable Fundraising Program)

The LNG Canada Project conducts a donation drive for the Telethon, an annual fundraising event designed to support charitable organizations, social institutions, and various community development programs in the area where the plant is being built.

Grants for social welfare activities by the JGC Social Welfare Foundation

The JGC Social Welfare Foundation was established in March 1994 to make social contributions to the local community in commemoration of its 65th anniversary. The Foundation provides financial assistance to support groups and volunteer organizations that conduct social welfare activities for the mentally and physically disabled and the elderly in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Culture and Arts Promotion

Sponsorship of the Fureai Concert for Mental and Emotional Education

Since 2011, JGC group has been sponsoring the Yokohama City Board of Education's "Kokoro no Kyoiku Fureai Concerts". This concert has been held since 1998 for all municipal elementary schools, compulsory education schools (grades 4-6), and elementary grades of special-needs schools of their choice, with the aim of cultivating the qualities and abilities to live a rich life by refining their sensitivity through music appreciation.
Every year, there are performances by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra and an organ, and the conductor/emcee provides fun and easy-to-understand explanations, allowing children, parents, and adults in general to enjoy and enhance their education (we cancelled sponsorship in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 restrictions).