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Nov. 14, 2022

"JGC Science Experiment Program" Launched for Basra Elementary Students

Yokohama, Japan― JGC Holdings Corporation announced that overseas EPC operating company JGC Corporation has held a series of science experiments at elementary schools in Basra Province, Iraq, beginning on November 6 this year.

Iraq has continued to face academic decline since the war, and with underinvestment in education in Basra and elsewhere in recent years preventing local administrators from providing classrooms, instructors, and teaching materials, it remains a challenge to raise educational standards and enrollment rates. Even oil-producing countries such as Iraq cannot disregard the accelerating global trend toward low-carbon and decarbonization, and the goal of industrial diversification makes science education more important than ever.

The JGC Group views it as a material issue to work with our local communities around the world. We are actively engaged in projects that benefit local communities, especially where plants are constructed.

A current JGC refinery upgrading project employs many Basra residents, and this local rapport has been essential in ensuring smooth project execution at the construction site. To date, these ties have been reinforced by JGC Corporation through an elementary education project in March 2022 teaching computational thinking, followed by educational science shows in June. The recently launched science experiment program further strengthens community ties and provides educational opportunities to students in Iraq whose curriculum does not include science experiments. Introducing the program is part of a long-term commitment in line with national needs to stimulate an interest in science and technology among younger generations and educate them to support the country's future energy industry. Moreover, implementing the program will involve the training of some 40 instructors at about 20 local elementary schools, which will not only enhance their skills but also enable higher educational standards even after this program ends.

As a partner of experiment program, JGC is working with IC Net Limited, a subsidiary of educational experts the Gakken Group that is focused on the Group's overseas expansion.

Overview of science shows

  • ・The program targets 2,400 third graders at about 20 public elementary schools in Basra. Instruction will continue over a two-year period.
  • ・Training will be provided over three days to a total of 40 teachers at the schools who will serve as program instructors.
  • ・Three two-hour experiments will be held at each school. Thematically, students will participate in (1) an air experiment, to learn about unseen air currents using a drum fan, (2) a rotation experiment, to learn about centrifugal force from wheel rotation, and (3) a sound experiment, to visualize unseen sound waves from particles that change as their wavelength changes.
  • ・All students will receive an experiment kit and educational handout.
  • ・The program was developed applying the outstanding educational expertise that Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. has cultivated since the company was founded.
  • ・Experiment kits for teachers and students will also be distributed to the schools after the program ends, along with science experiment manuals.

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IC Net Limited

Since 1993, IC Net Limited projects have addressed social issues through human resource development, system construction, and public/private technical skill-building at the request of governments in developing countries. Mainly funded with official development assistance, this work has benefited more than 150 countries around the world. As a member of the Gakken Group, which is a leader in Japanese education, the company has also been expanding Gakken operations overseas.

Engaging students in a participatory class method.

Engaging students in a participatory class method.

Students learning about invisible air flow using science experiment kits distributed to each student.
Students learning about invisible air flow using science experiment kits distributed to each student.

Photo with students and staffs after the first class
Photo with students and staffs after the first class