Quality Management System

Basic Stance

Quality management is essential for safe operation and stable production at plants and other facilities. The JGC Group has established an ISO 9001-certified quality management system and ensures quality through systems and human resources that bring together valuable knowledge and skills built up over many years. These efforts include pursuing root causes of any quality issues and taking effective measures to prevent recurrence, as led by committees such as the Quality Assurance Committee to promote continuous improvement in ensuring quality.

Quality management system

Under the ISO 9001-certified quality management system in place at the JGC Group, quality policies established by each company form the basis for quality targets set at various organizational levels. After organizational issues are identified, quality targets and action plans are formulated, implemented, evaluated, and improved in PDCA cycles for continuous improvement of organizational performance.

Framework for quality management at Group companies

Quality assurance committees or similar bodies in each Group company meet regularly.
The committees implement continuous improvements to ensure that quality of the products and services provided remains satisfactory, which includes investigating the root causes of any quality issues and preventing recurrence. The committees also evaluate these measures, as ongoing improvements are made.
In maintaining this framework for quality assurance, quality management activities are reviewed annually by the president of each company.

Positioning of each company’s quality management system