Expanding the personnel system accounting for opportunities and skill-building for women

Promotion of Women's Careers

In the energy plant business, technicians from science and technology backgrounds, few of them women, previously comprised the majority of company staff, and due to factors such as carrying out construction work under harsh environmental conditions or a multitude of projects in Islamic countries, the field was characterized by obstacles to women's careers. However, at JGC Group we have been advancing the promotion of women to leadership positions and the creation of a supportive work environment for women through, e.g. discussions with female employees and expansion of our family care system, including working from home, and in recent years the number of female employees and managers has been steadily increasing.

Overview of JGC's Family Care System

  • Sick/injured childcare leave
  • Parental leave
  • Reduced hours for childcare
  • Parenting support work
  • Nursing care leave
  • Temporary retirement for nursing care
  • Work from home
  • Welcome Back system (system for rehiring former employees who retired due to their spouse's job relocation)
Number and ratio of women in managerial positions