Health Management at Construction Sites

Health management of workers

The "H" in HSSE stands for Health, which also means Hygiene. Recently, awareness of the importance of proper health and hygiene standards has risen among client companies, and standards for site facilities both in Japan and overseas have grown stricter and more comprehensive.
JGC bears responsibility for hygiene management of all site facilities, to protect the health of all its project personnel, including employees of affiliate companies, on construction sites in Japan and overseas. One of JGC's utmost obligations is to ensure that construction sites are safe and comfortable and put the health and working conditions of the employees first at all times.

On-site medical facilities

Today, JGC is actively involved in construction projects not only in Japan, but around the globe-in the Middle East, North Africa, Australia, South America, and elsewhere. Hygiene standards and requirements differ vastly from project to project.
For each project, JGC thoroughly researches the local conditions and conducts a Health Risk Assessment, in order to be sure to provide the systems, facilities, medicine and equipment necessary to manage the health and hygiene of thousands or tens of thousands of engineers and workers. In addition to health and hygiene program, adequate welfare provisions for all staff and workers are also key elements of Health management.

Major on-site health considerations made by JGC are listed below.

  • Implementation and management of health risk assessment
  • Pre-deployment health examinations
  • Thorough on-site medical facilities
  • On-site medical staff (doctors and nurses)
  • Camp management
  • Health and hygiene inspections for food service facilities and staff members
  • Special consideration for common site-specific health hazards such as heat sickness
  • Implementation of malaria prevention measures
  • On-site recreation facilities and intramural athletic events, etc.

In addition to the preventive measures listed above, JGC also formulates thorough contingency plans for a range of scenarios for emergency evacuation to a nearby hospital in the event of a major injury or illness, to ensure timely and appropriate treatment.

Intramural event

To provide a safe and comfortable workplace and support healthy working conditions for its engineers and workers, JGC implements a wide range of hygiene management measures, with continuous monitoring and improvement based on past results.