Promoting diversity and inclusion

Guided by the sense of purpose and values that represent our corporate philosophy, we apply the shared Group value of respect for all people in a variety of personnel measures and frameworks. Not only is the Group committed to ensuring diversity by respecting differences such as nationality, race, sex, age, disability, or religion, we are creating new value from diversity by providing opportunities for exchanges of individual talent and energy, among other measures.

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Ensuring diversity

Promotion of women's careers

The Group provides a comfortable working environment for women though an extensive family care system with sick / injured childcare leave, support for those raising children that includes up to two days off per month for childcare leave, and leave or shorter working hours for nursing care. Opportunities are also given for informal talks among female employees and for career counseling.
Moreover, we hope to double the number of female managers by 2025 compared to 2020, and we are actively promoting women to management positions across the Group.

Number and ratio of women in managerial positions*


Hideko Izumi
JGC Corporation
Project Solutions Center
PSC Talent Development Department

Many staff members are from other countries, and we have originally had a corporate culture that values diversity. As long as you welcome the chance to learn and grow, your abilities and achievements are recognized regardless of sex, nationality, or age. Some life events prevent people from working as much as they'd prefer, but recently, quite a few more men have been taking childcare leave for the birth of a child. We sense that the environment, both in our programs and in corporate culture, has become more conducive to work-life balance. Further promotion of diversity will call for management to listen to people's hopes and wishes and then plan and support their development over the long run.

Welcome Back system for returning members

This program encourages former female employees to rejoin us within three years of resigning to move and live at least a year with a spouse who was transferred or stationed abroad. Case-by-case decisions are made, with these members generally returning to their original division, for example.

FCW Meetings for a dynamic female workforce

Female empowerment and motivation aimed at greater dynamism are sought by inviting women at JGC to attend the annual FCW Meeting organized by the Friendship Committee for Women Career Development (FCW), a joint initiative of Japan Cooperation Center for Petroleum and Sustainable Energy (JCCP) and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). To this end, open discussions on women's career development are held with male and female committee members from both countries.

Ricochare participation to cultivate potential female employees

We are also involved in nurturing future female Group leaders through participating in the Science and Engineering Challenge (Ricochare), an initiative of the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office, to support female students interested in science or engineering careers.

Promoting recruitment of people with disabilities (Establishment of JGC Parallel Technologies Corporation)

Parallel × Technologies

To advance and stabilize recruitment of people with disabilities, Group company JGC Parallel Technologies Corporation was established in January 2021. Focusing on IT operational support and staffed by 11 workers as of June 2022, JGC Parallel Technologies has a personnel system in place for the convenience of those with disabilities.

Message from Management

From left: Jun Narikawa, Representative Director and President Kenta Awatani, Senior Executive Vice President

Behind the company name JGC Parallel Technologies Corporation lies our wish to help build a world in which those with and without disabilities can work as equals and apply their skills knowing that they are valuable members of society. Together with Vice President Awatari, who is also a para-athlete, we are offering a fresh take on disabled employment and enhancing the Group's corporate value.

Jun Narikawa, Representative Director and President

System for Athletes with Disabilities

A system supporting athletes with disabilities who are also competitive athletes was introduced in 2018. Through work style flexibility and management by objectives, JGC Group supports athletes with disabilities who are balancing a career with athletic endeavors as they pursue their dreams.

An athlete with a disability who is also a talented athlete

Kenta Awatari
Sport : Para Taekwondo

Works in HR management in the Talent & Organization Development Department.
Started Para Taekwondo in 2017, taking advantage of stamina and leg strength from playing soccer since elementary school. Awarded a silver medal at the Asian Para Taekwondo championships in May 2018.

Senior engagement and retention

The EPC business relies on proven engineering expertise, and we have long recognized the valuable experience of older engineers who have been actively recruited. JGC took the initiative to raise the retirement age to 65 in 2015, enabling senior employees to pass on expertise while bearing project responsibility and continuing to be compensated accordingly.

Globalized recruitment and engagement

Recent efforts supporting globalized recruitment and engagement include linking language proficiency to advancement at Group companies where English is common, establishing a prayer room at the Yokohama Head Office, cultivating a global mindset in members through measures such as overseas field training, and appointing non-Japanese to managerial positions.

A warm welcome to returning JGC alumni

Japan Alumni Award 2021

Recruitment by the Group is not limited to new graduates or other external applicants. We also actively rehire those who at one point left or retired from the Company. In fiscal 2021 these efforts were honored by the Japan Alumni Award, which promotes renewed ties between organizations and their former employees and recognizes outstanding efforts to this end.

Promoting diverse working styles

We have introduced a variety of measures to enable employees to care for their families and raise children, including systems that offer leave of absence, time off, and reduced working hours. Since 2007, JGC has consistently been awarded the "Kurumin Mark" in recognition of its active support of child raising by its employees.

JGC Family Day (A Day when Our Employees' Children visit their Parents' Workplace)

JGC Family Day, a day on which our employees' children visit their parents' workplaces and see them at work, has been held once a year since 2009. In addition to developing their social awareness and sense of work and occupation, the aim of JGC Family Day is to help children gain an understanding of the jobs that their family members perform. The event is held for employees' children in grades 4 to 6 of elementary school.

JGC Summer Time

JGC is implementing a campaign that encourages employees to start work an hour earlier in the morning and go home earlier in the afternoon during the summer months, when it is brighter for longer during the day. By making employees think about the time they leave work, this campaign seeks to create opportunities for each individual to change their thinking about their work style. Together with other initiatives such as "No Overtime Day," JGC Summer Time is proving to be of benefit in promoting worklife balance.

JGC telecommuting system

To maintain high productivity while respecting the work-life balance of each member, flexible working styles have been adopted with relaxed restrictions on where and when work is done. Our basic approach is a hybrid style combining commuting and telecommuting for greater convenience.

Shared offices

Shared offices at the Yokohama Head Office offer a variety of areas for different purposes, including private booths, open spaces for discussions, and smart cubicles for online meetings. This has inspired more flexible ways of working and stimulated internal interaction, leading to news ideas and value.

Rapport Among Younger Employees

Also in place is a rapport system that builds interpersonal networks beyond divisional and corporate boundaries and cultivates diverse perspectives. The rapport system complements on-the-job training by division supervisors and instructors. Younger members of JGC Holdings, JGC, and JGC Japan are grouped under senior employees and supported in a variety of activities that build mutual relationships of trust.

Year-Round Business Casual

Business casual attire is allowed at JGC Holdings, JGC Corporation, and JGC Japan. This policy is aimed at stimulating creativity and more flexible thinking. It is also intended to make workplaces more comfortable.

Health Promotion Initiatives

We provide various supports related to health management so that each and every employee can work vigorously indefinitely while exercising their abilities to the fullest. For example, we provide periodic in-house health checkups (twice a year) and partial subsidies for various cancer checkups, physical examinations, and specialized medical examinations. We have also established a dental office as well as a medical clinic within the company to provide checkups and treatment for dental health. In addition, all employees are required to undergo mental health training to improve mental health in both line and self-care.
In addition to resident doctors and public health nurses, we have established multiple contact points, including an e-mail consultation address and individual consultation rooms, so that employees can consult with us at any time regarding their mental and physical health.
We also hold sports events such as futsal, beach volleyball, and skiing several times a year, providing opportunities for employees and their families to enjoy physical exercise, work up a sweat, and expand their social circle. In addition, at the annual Safety Day, we hold panel discussions on a variety of topics each year to promote health and wellness throughout the company.

Home Leave for Those Outside of Japan

Quarterly home leave offers nearly two weeks of vacation to employees assigned to overseas environments different from Japan. Supporting employee health and work-life balance, the system in place helps these members take on their over-seas duties refreshed in body and mind.