Promoting measures that encourage workplace diversity

Fair personnel management that emphasizes human rights is fundamental to JGC Group. This fairness is reflected in recruitment practices and personnel systems. Diversity and inclusion are also promoted from a belief that respecting diverse lifestyles, motivating all employees, and fostering workplaces where everyone can reach their full potential as dynamic professionals is vital to creating a broad range of value and driving sustained growth.

System and Policies for Accomplishing Diversity

System for Athletes with Disabilities

A system supporting athletes with disabilities who are also competitive athletes was introduced in 2018. Through work style flexibility and management by objectives, JGC Group supports athletes with disabilities who are balancing a career with athletic endeavors as they pursue their dreams.

An athlete with a disability who is also a talented athlete

Kenta Awatari
Sport : Para Taekwondo

Works in HR management in the Talent & Organization Development Department.
Started Para Taekwondo in 2017, taking advantage of stamina and leg strength from playing soccer since elementary school. Awarded a silver medal at the Asian Para Taekwondo championships in May 2018.

Work-Life Balance

We have introduced a variety of measures to enable employees to care for their families and raise children, including systems that offer leave of absence, time off, and reduced working hours. Since 2007, JGC has consistently been awarded the "Kurumin Mark" in recognition of its active support of child raising by its employees.

JGC Family Day (A Day when Our Employees' Children visit their Parents' Workplace)

JGC Family Day, a day on which our employees' children visit their parents' workplaces and see them at work, has been held once a year since 2009. In addition to developing their social awareness and sense of work and occupation, the aim of JGC Family Day is to help children gain an understanding of the jobs that their family members perform. The event is held for employees' children in grades 4 to 6 of elementary school.

JGC Summer Time

JGC is implementing a campaign that encourages employees to start work an hour earlier in the morning and go home earlier in the afternoon during the summer months, when it is brighter for longer during the day. By making employees think about the time they leave work, this campaign seeks to create opportunities for each individual to change their thinking about their work style. Together with other initiatives such as "No Overtime Day," JGC Summer Time is proving to be of benefit in promoting worklife balance.

Remort Work System

We have introduced a telecommuting system for employees who are required to balance work with nursing care and childcare. While supporting the care and childcare of employees, flexible work styles that balance work and life are expanding.

Health Promotion Initiatives

We provide wide-ranging health management supports for our employees to ensure that each of them can fully demonstrate their capabilities and continue to work in good health. For example, in addition to regular (twice-yearly) in-house health checks, we provide partial support for various kinds of cancer screenings as well as comprehensive full-body and specialized health checks. Along with in-house medical clinics, we place emphasis on dental health, offering in-house dental clinics that provide treatment and regular checkups. All employees are also required to undergo mental health-related training, and emphasis is placed on enhancing mental health through monitoring the mental health of employees and encouraging self-care.
Aside from having full-time physicians and nurses on duty, we also provide several consultation services that allow employees to consult about physical and mental health issues at any time. Specifically, we have an email-based consultation service and a private consultation room located within the Human Resources Department.

Furthermore, we hold sports events several times a year, such as futsal, beach volleyball, and skiing. This enables employees and their families to enjoy physical exercises and it provides opportunities to socialize with members of other divisions. We use our annual Safety Day event to promote company-wide health enhancement initiatives. At last year's event, the potential effectiveness of lunch ideas to help overweight people lose weight was devised by employees, and a panel discussion on quitting smoking was held.