Human Rights and Diversity

Personnel Diversity

JGC's large overseas projects rely on teamwork between many different specialists and human resources with diverse cultural backgrounds and values - teams that genuinely embody diversity. JGC believes diversity is a crucial ingredient in creating social and economic value and is actively implementing various measures to promote even greater diversity in the workforce.

Promoting Global Recruitment

JGC is hiring more people from different countries to work at its head office in order to strengthen its ability to implement multinational projects. We run recruitment campaigns at universities overseas and actively hire exchange students in Japan. Around 100 foreign employees from over 20 different countries currently work at the head office, accounting for more than 4 % of head office staff. As our workforce has become more international, we have taken steps to respect different cultures and make the working environment welcoming for everyone, such as providing a prayer room for Muslim employees.

Supporting Active Careers for Seniors

In 2000, JGC has raised the mandatory retirement age to 65 to create workplaces where motivated older employees can continue to work with peace of mind, giving them the opportunity to utilize their extensive experience and specialist knowledge and play an active role for as long as possible. In addition to continuing their main duties, senior staff pass on their skills, provide advice and make a major contribution to the training of young engineers.

Recruiting People with Disabilities

Under a law designed to promote the employment of people with disabilities, JGC is actively working to achieve legally stipulated employment ratios for disabled employees. Efforts are also being made to upgrade and improve workplace environments to cater for different types and levels of disability. JGC is creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities and as a part of those initiatives, has introduced a health keeper system (in-house therapeutic nurses) to help manage the health of employees.

Empowering Women

JGC has introduced a family care system and taken other steps to improve working conditions for women. By working with the Kanagawa Women's Career Support Group and talking to our female employees, we aim to encourage wider use of these systems. We are also taking steps to boost career awareness among female employees, providing more opportunities for them to fulfill their potential and promoting them to leadership positions. The number of women in management positions is increasing each year. We are also working to raise awareness of our industry as a sector where women have job opportunities, for example by holding company briefing sessions for new graduates aimed specifically at female students.

Number of Women in Management Positions


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
10 11 15 17 19