Enhancing human resources engagement

To enable human resources of the JGC Group to make the most of their own capabilities toward achieving the 2040 Vision, a broad range of measures are implemented for increasing motivation by making purpose personally relevant, developing rewardingsystems, promoting inclusion and diversity, and creating a comfortable workplace environment.

Making purpose personally relevant,Developing rewarding systems,Promoting inclusion and diversity,Creation of a comfortable workplace environment

Making purpose personally relevant

In addition to instilling the JGC Group's purpose, "Enhancing planetary health," we provide "Purpose Journey training" with the aim of having employees renew their own sense of purpose and pointing out items in common with the company and each individual.
Initiatives include a program for exploring the employee's own sense of perspectives, an aptitude test for analyzing oneself from objective and quantitative metrics, and a program for identifying personal qualities and strengths from individual lifeline charts.
Participants discuss with each other about the background of the company's purpose, and find areas in common between the company's purpose and their own individual purpose, to create their My Tagline in around 15 words.
A survey conducted after training indicated that the level of satisfaction regarding our Group's purpose grew from 2.57 points before training to 4.13 afterwards—ample evidence of positive results.

individual's purpose,Company's purpose,My Tagline
JGC Group's level of satisfaction with Purpose

Developing rewarding systems

Introducing a new personnel system

We believe that this unwavering dynamism and an ambitious corporate culture cannot be attained unless each of our members take on and persist in challenges. In fiscal 2022, we updated the personnel system that eliminates the seniority-based aspects and instead emphasizes the significance of duties, such as job responsibility. Based on the core concept of Pay for VALUE, the value or results brought about by each individual is reflected in bonuses and salary. We also provide allowances corresponding to the value of performed duties.

Promoting initiatives for external assignments (cross-border)

We have developed a corporate dispatching and seconding system to locations in Japan and overseas to create a more rewarding working experience, and more than 130 employees are playing active roles in companies within and outside of the Group at this point.

JGC Family Day

We have held the JGC Family Day since fiscal 2009 for employees and their children (elementary school students in Grades 4 through 6) with the aim of fostering understanding of work. In fiscal 2023, a total of 41 children took part in the program, including those from overseas.


Promoting inclusion and diversity

Basic Policy for Inclusion & Diversity

Recognizing that diversity and fairness are essential for everyone to thrive and work together effectively, the JGC Group has established the Basic Policy for Inclusion and Diversity comprising the following principles, and it is committed to promoting this policy throughout all its entities and activities worldwide:

  • Treat one another with respect and value their opinions and experiences including their differences in nationality, race, age, disability, gender, religion.
  • Provide fair opportunities for career development and skill development to all employees around the world.
  • Cultivate a positive work environment with systems that empower all employees to maximize their potential and vitality.
  • Promote the JGC culture of open communication, innovation, collaboration and teamwork by fostering an atmosphere of continuous personal and professional development, where diverse perspectives and experiences are shared with each other.

(Basic Policy for Inclusion & Diversity)

Promotion of women’s careers

Actively promoting highly skilled women

The JGC Group is seeking to double the number (30) of women in management positions compared to 2020 levels by 2025, and the entire group is actively pursuing the promotion of highly skilled women in management roles.

Family Care

The family care system in place helps members balance work with family affairs, childcare, and nursing care via sick/injured childcare leave, support for those raising children that includes up to two days off per month for childcare leave, and leave or shorter working hours for childcare. The number of men taking parental leave has also been increasing year by year. For men and women alike, the system supports career development mindful of life events.

Available reduction in working hours until children reach the age of three: 1-3 hours Available reduction when children are between three years old and sixth-grade age:1-2 hours
Kurumin certification

The JGC Group companies received "Kurumin" certification as a "company that supports childrearing."

Participation in the "Rikochalle program" to cultivate potential female employees

We are also involved in nurturing future female Group leaders through participation in the "Riko Challenge (Rikochalle)", an initiative of the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office, to support female students interested in science or engineering careers.

Promoting recruitment of people with disabilities

To advance and stabilize recruitment of people with disabilities, Group company JGC Parallel Technologies Corporation was established in January 2021. Focusing on IT operational support, JGC Parallel Technologies has a personnel system in place for the convenience of those with disabilities. With 23 employees (of which 22 are persons with disabilities) as of June 1, 2023, the Group-wide rate of employment of people with disabilities is 2.46%, which is at a level that exceeds the statutory employment rate (2.3%).

Senior engagement and retention

The EPC business relies on proven engineering expertise, and we have long recognized the valuable experience of older engineers who have been actively recruited. JGC took the initiative to raise the retirement age to 65 in 2015, enabling senior employees to pass on expertise while bearing project responsibility and continuing to be compensated accordingly.

Creation of a comfortable workplace environment

Initiatives for those posted overseas

A comprehensive range of initiatives are available for employees posted overseas, with the view of boosting the appeal and compensation of business trips and positions stationed overseas in the Total Engineering Business.


  1. 1.Provide more extensive experience, including positions overseas, to facilitate employee career formation
  2. 2.Improve the working environment and compensation for overseas positions, giving employees a more rewarding experience and sense of pride
  3. 3.Provide comprehensive lifestyle support for family members to suit each employee's life stage

Specific Initiatives

  • Shorter cycles for overseas postings
    Postings overseas exceeding 2 years are determined based on the employee's intentions to suit their life stages, such as marriage, childbirth, childcare or nursing.
  • Enhanced home leave
    The length of home leave available for single employees or those posted alone to construction sites overseas has been changed from 12 weeks overseas and 2 weeks home, to 10 weeks overseas and 2 weeks home. After 2024, we plan to further reduce the vacation cycle, aiming to achieve a well-balanced and flexible leave system that harmonizes with different life stages.
home leave cycles
  • Care for family members at home
    We have partnered with full-service housekeeping companies providing house cleaning, babysitting, nursing and other services to assist family members in Japan with their childcare or nursing needs, or to reduce the burden on those posted overseas.

Extensive paid leave and other leave systems

Welcome Back system

Welcome Back system is available for employees who retired due to their spouse's relocation to new jobs or positions overseas (regardless of whether or not they are our company employees), on the assumption that they will return to work within 3 years. In the past, such employees had to retire and rejoin the company, but the system has been changed from fiscal 2022 where employees can select a new form of "leave." The system has been amended to provide additional flexibility where it has become the norm for both partners to be working.

Feedback on the Welcome Back system

Childcare leave for male employees

With a growing number of people taking childcare leave and more households where both partners are working, we are creating a workplace environment and supportive systems that allow male employees take childcare leave.

Childcare leave for male employees

Encouraging employees to take paid leave

Internal poster for 921 system

In addition to regular days off every month, measures are in place to encourage employees to take an extra day off for a three-day weekend, to cater to more flexible work styles. In a standard month (based on 30 days) made up of four weeks, employees would work for 22 days and have eight days off. This system encouraging employees to take paid leave is called "921", as taking an extra day of leave results in nine days off and 21 days of work. We are taking steps to make sure employees are aware of this system, particularly in June and December when there are no public holidays available.

Facilitating work styles and workplace environments

Telecommuting system

To maintain high productivity while respecting the work-life balance of each member, flexible work styles have been adopted with relaxed restrictions on where and when work is done. Our basic approach is a hybrid style combining commuting and telecommuting for greater convenience.

Shared offices

Shared office
Shared office (Yokohama Head Office)

Shared offices at the Yokohama Head Office offer a variety of areas for different purposes, including private booths, open spaces for discussions, and smart cubicles for online meetings. This has inspired more flexible ways of working and stimulated internal interaction, leading to new ideas and value.

Promoting employees health

JGC exercise program
JGC exercise program

In addition to workplace vaccinations and other preventive measures during the pandemic, the JGC Group maintains several health programs, including regular stress assessment and the JGC exercise program, to facilitate the maintenance and improvement of employees' physical and mental health.