Human resources recruiting and training

The JGC Group considers recruiting and training of human resources extremely important, not only for transforming existing operations, but also for expanding business into new areas. In hiring and training human resources, efforts are being made to secure advanced and diverse human resources in line with the four core strategies: strategic recruiting; training for advancing and diversifying skills; training for human resources succession; and promoting retention.


A tactical approach is taken for diverse recruiting that includes new graduate recruitment, mid-career recruitment and alumni recruitment, to secure the human resources deemed essential for achieving the 2040 Vision.

New graduate recruitment

In addition to traditional methods of recruitment, a new recruiting segment for "TR (transformation)" has been formed as a proactive way of securing human resources with diverse areas of expertise (biotechnology, medical engineering, nuclear energy, etc.) or capable of creating new businesses. A DX segment has also been created to secure human resources capable of bringing about digital transformation, with the view to assigning capable personnel to departments related to DX and IT.
Students amongst the pool of new graduates are better educated about their careers earlier on every year, and the number of students brought on board for internships during school holidays are also increasing. We are fine-tuning ideas like creating new courses accepting students involved in the DX and TR outlined above, as we actively hire new graduates as human resources who will be taking the reins of the JGC Group in the future.

Mid-career recruitment

In addition to greater recruitment of human resources aimed at increasing project execution capacity, we proactively engage in mid-career recruitment of human resources who are experts in new business areas that underpinned by as-of-yet unknown technical competence and knowledge or the DX and IT sector that is expected to be more important in the future.
We have raised the target number of mid-career recruits by 30% or more over the previous fiscal year at the three companies of JGC Holdings Corporation, JGC Corporation and JGC Japan Corporation's Total Engineering Business. We are increasing these numbers by adopting new methods of recruitment, such as referrals (human resources introduced by existing employees) and direct recruiting, and these efforts have produced positive results.

Alumni recruitment (leveraging networks)

Japan alumni award

We actively rehire those who at one point left or retired from our group company. In fiscal 2022 these efforts were honored by the third consecutive Encouragement Award from the Japan Alumni Award, which promotes renewed ties between organizations and their former employees and recognizes outstanding efforts to this end. In fiscal 2023, we received the Excellence Award in the Design of Will Category.
The Alumni Community is run by volunteers, and there are currently more than 150 alumni registered. Alumni also held Echo-Day for the past five years in a row on October 25, the anniversary of the company's founding.
We also opened a human resources registration system named "JGC members," catering to people outside the JGC Group who are seeking information about the company. This initiative regularly disseminates information and organizes activities for people outside the company who share the same attitude toward the JGC Group's purpose.

Echo-Day held on October 25, 2023

Training for advancing and diversifying skills

The JGC Group provides strategic training to give human resources a competitive edge as soon as possible after they are recruited. In order to build up a diverse human resources portfolio capable of achieving the 2040 Vision, the JGC Group provides young employees with a strategic OJT program and various Off-JT training like level-based training, and programs that foster self-development. We are focusing in particular on OJT programs for young employees that facilitate development while engaged in work duties.

OJT (young employee training system)

In addition to creating career development plans aimed at giving young employees in regular positions and non-management roles a competitive edge as fast as possible, we are working on building the foundation for the diverse human resources portfolio that will be required in the future by providing strategic training for young employees through OJT at work, including training programs for both humanities and engineering backgrounds, or the on-site dispatch system.


Three-party department organization (OJT)

Three -party department organization

The JGC Group provides a workplace environment where department managers can focus on creating transformation and vision for their departments, and leading their strategies. This is bolstered by Project Coordination Managers (PCM) who lead members assigned to each project, and Career Development Managers (CDM) who are responsible for human resources development. In particular, CDMs organize various types of meetings with whom applies to the Baysix system, CDP, on-site dispatch system and other programs.

Promoting retention

Key items are defined and implemented with the aim of boosting the retention rate of skilled human resources over a long-term span.

Networking program

A system suited to mid-career recruits within their third year, or new graduate recruits within their sixth year of entering the company, this new networking program introduced from fiscal 2023 allows them to perform their duties while creating their own vertical, horizontal and diagonal connections.
Panel discussions and other types of dialogue enable participants to learn more about the culture of the JGC Group, while regularly holding various sessions and social gatherings to encourage retention of human resources by not only facilitating vertical connections between superiors and subordinates, and horizontal connections between colleagues or contemporaries who entered the company at the same time, but also building relationships with diagonal connections.

Training for human resources succession

A candidate selection and training program is provided to identify three levels of succession of human resources, and creating evaluation axes and methods.