Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Basic Stance

The Group considers shareholder and investor engagement indispensable to sustained growth and gains in corporate value. We are proactive in highly transparent information disclosure that serves as the basis for this dialogue. By listening to the opinions of shareholders and investors, providing feedback to management and relevant departments, acting on this knowledge in management strategies, and striving to disclose not only financial but also non-financial information, we are creating an environment in which shareholders have a solid, long-term understanding of Group management policies.

Main IR Activities (Fiscal 2020)

Dialogue on the long-term management vision and medium-term business plan

The Group actively engaged with shareholders and investors while formulating the long-term management vision and medium-term business plan (2040 Vision and "Building a Sustainable Planetary Infrastructure 2025 (BSP2025)," respectively), announced on May 12, 2021. Through the IR Department, we took steps to encourage an understanding in the stock market of the Group's vision for growth by carefully explaining the SDGs-compatible orientation to sustainable growth that is behind these plans. From the variety of opinions we received, this dialogue also helped us understand and act on market expectations.

Enhancements to the JGC Report (Integrated Report)

JGC Report 2020

Each year, the JGC Report is designed to be more informative, as a key disclosure resource for investment decisions from a long-term perspective. Before publication of the 2020 report, we received a variety of opinions from shareholders and investors. As a corporate group pursuing sustainable growth by working toward a sustainable society, we provided expanded content on commercialization of environmental technologies and applications of digitalization. Fuller coverage of non-financial information included highlighting strengths from our heritage in EPC business in interviews with employees representing the next generation. As a result, the report was recognized with a Most-Improved Integrated Report award of 2020 by domestic equity investment managers of the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF).

Online earnings release conferences

In promoting a better understanding of the Group, we conducted a detailed online Business Activities Briefing Conference. Functional materials manufacturing and sustainability-oriented business development were of particular interest to shareholders and investors, and the information given provided a better understanding of this business. We will continue to ensure that shareholders, investors, and many other stakeholders are well informed of Group business.

Website Expansion

Enhanced information disclosure for shareholders and investors is also sought online, through a more informative corporate website.
We are committed to keeping shareholders, investors, and an array of other stakeholders informed through developing or updating webpages related to functional materials manufacturing and sustainability, among other topics.

IR activities schedule
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