Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Stance

Attentive communication reflects our belief that broad engagement with our diverse stakeholders is essential to sustained growth and higher corporate value. By providing regular feedback from shareholders and investors to management and relevant departments, applying this knowledge in management strategies, and diligently disclosing both financial and non-financial information, we create a forum for a consistent, long-range understanding of our management policies.

Shareholder and investor engagement

Enhancements to the JGC Report (Integrated Report)

JGC Report 2023

More informative each year, the JGC Report serves a key role in disclosure for long-term investment decisions. The content of the 2022 JGC Report reflects the broad range of preliminary feedback received from shareholders and investors. There is a growing level of interest from the stock market on how the 2040 Vision and BSP 2025 will be achieved, so the report outlines how the JGC Group's strengths have been honed and leveraged as strategies for the Group's expansion and growth since its founding. This expanded coverage of non-financial information, including our response to climate change and human rights in the supply chain, was recognized by domestic equity investment managers of the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) with a Most-Improved Integrated Report award in 2022.

Website Expansion

Enhanced information disclosure for shareholders and investors is also sought online, through a more informative corporate website.
We are committed to keeping shareholders, investors, and an array of other stakeholders informed through developing or updating webpages related to functional materials manufacturing and sustainability, among other topics.


Employee engagement

Dialogue with top management, quarterly newsletter, and more

Internally, ties are strengthened at executive-employee roundtables where people speak freely and share in our vision. These meetings are featured on a JGC Group video channel that encourages a vibrant corporate culture. Knowledge of management policies and issues is shared across the Company through a variety of media such as newsletters and Company-wide bulletin boards, part of communication that fosters a sense of belonging among employees.

Client engagement

Training Programs for Human Resources in Resource-Producing Countries

Trainee from Saudi Arabia presenting a training outline

Over the past several decades, the JGC Group has conducted various training programs for engineers and students specializing in fields such as chemical engineering from resource-producing countries for the purpose of strengthening relationships with such countries. Many of the participants in these programs have contributed to resource development and industrial development in their own countries after returning home, which has also led to increased business for the company with these countries.

Supplier engagement

Supporting vendors with technical assistance

Training for welders

The JGC Group actively promotes domestic procurement where plants are built, and when sophisticated equipment is ordered, our engineers may go on-site to provide technical assistance tailored to local vendors' expertise and facilities. Viewing these close ties as an asset, we take the initiative in providing technical assistance to vendors.

Community engagement

Initiatives for Basra elementary students

JGC Code Education participants

Academic decline in postwar Iraq has been significant, and educational investment has not kept pace with the growing population of young Iraqis in Basra Province and elsewhere. Unemployment also remains high among young people, with jobs scarce even for university graduates. In a long-term commitment consistent with national needs, the JGC Group launched JGC Code Education in March 2022, to teach computational thinking at local elementary schools. The project provides educational experiences for children and creates youth employment opportunities. Nearly 20,000 students will have opportunities to learn programming concepts over the next two years, as we foster future IT professionals in Iraq while addressing youth employment. Additionally, science shows held on June 5 and 6 this year targeted some 2,600 students at about 20 Basra elementary schools.

Next-generation of human resources engagement

JGC Code Education participants

The JGC Group hosts company visits by Yokohama high school students. Here, talks with employees and student VR experiences encourage communication. Besides helping students gain a clearer understanding of work, another goal is to foster the ability to choose one's own career path. In fiscal 2022, the program also raised awareness of our efforts toward sustainability, as students learned about JGC sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) initiatives.

Chemistry workshops for elementary students

An experiment at a chemistry workshop

Each year at its Kitakyushu facility, JGC C&C has held workshops with chemistry experiments for local elementary students. For a functional materials manufacturer, this represents a meaningful way to interact with and contribute to the community. JGC C&C will continue to kindle an interest in chemistry through these opportunities, which also educate people about their business activities. We will continue to build positive engagement with the community.
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