Protecting rare plants and animals near construction sites

Conservation During LNG Canada Construction

Conceptional drawing of the plant at completion

The construction site of LNG Canada Project is surrounded by grand nature, which is home to a large variety of native animals and plants. We are executing this project in harmony with the environment through the implementation of various conservation activities, such as realigning a river to avoid construction activities, as well as protecting native fish and expanding their habitat.

Environmental Assessments

JGC conducts an annual evaluation of environmental performance at its construction sites in Japan based on three criteria: industrial waste recycling rate, number of contaminant leaks and CO2 emissions per unit of energy.

Environmental Performance Indicators for Domestic Construction Sites


Environment indicators Units 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Industrial waste recycling rate Result % 96.1 85.2 88.3 98.4 99.0
Number of leaks of hazardous substances, etc. Result Leaks 0 0 0 0 0
CO2 emissions per unit of energy Result Kg-CO2/hour 2.39 0.61 0.40 1.91 1.35
Adoption rate of electronic manifests Result % 79.5 69.5 85.9 93.9 99.6