Contributing to the Wider Use of Renewable Energy

Construction and Operation of Solar Power Plants

The JGC Group has been involved in the construction of 17 solar power plants, including projects still under way. The combined output of the plants is nearly 700 MW, or enough to power roughly 220,000 households for one year. JGC is one of the most experienced contractors in Japan's solar power plant construction market. In addition to construction work, the JGC Group provides plant operation and maintenance services and is involved in solar power plant operation helping to spur wider uptake of solar power in Japan through its involvement in various phases of solar power businesses.
Leveraging our wealth of experience in solar power plant construction and operation in Japan, we are also working with JGC subsidiaries around the world to actively target solar power plant construction projects overseas. In March 2018, we received an order for one of the largest megasolar power plant construction projects in Vietnam, and are currently constructing a power plant that will produce the energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 47,000 general households in Vietnam.
Through these initiatives, the JGC Group will drive wider use of renewable energy in Japan and overseas and help create a recycling-oriented society that addresses issues related to climate change.

Development of Power System Technologies

Accompanying the expansion of renewable energy power generation in Japan, various challenges have emerged that have an impact on the power system (the system that integrates power generation, transformation, and transmission, and the distribution of electricity), including output fluctuations and surplus power. The company is working to develop new power system technologies, such as the virtual power plant (VPP) and solar storage, in order to achieve a balance between continuing the expansion of renewable energy uses and stabilizing the power system.

Power Systems Technologies Being Developed

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
A virtual power plant (VPP) is an approach that aims to stabilize the power system and make surplus power profitable by aggregating multiple distributed power sources (renewable energy power sources, such as solar and wind power, storage batteries, privately-owned power generation facilities, etc.) and running them as a single virtual power source.
The company is using its technologies and expertise as an engineering company to develop a system that aggregates and controls distributed power sources and makes flexible adjustments depending on the balance between supply and demand.
Solar Storage
Solar storage is a system for storing power generated from solar energy and discharging during rainy weather, cloudy weather and at nighttime, smoothing the distribution of solar power. One of the features of our solar storage system is that it can be mounted regardless of the form of the power conditioner (PCS), as it also stores the output that exceeds the capacity of the PCS for conversion of a direct current (DC) power supply into an alternating current (AC) power supply.