High-Purity Hydrogen Sulfide Production Process


Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is widely used as raw material for synthesis of a number of sulfur-containing compounds.
JGC hydrogen sulfide production process produces high-purity (≧99.9 %) H2S by the reaction of hydrogen and sulfur. The production plant is compact and ensures easy and safe operation for the production of highly toxic hydrogen sulfide.
High-purity sodium hydrosulfide (NaSH aqueous solution) is also easily produced by the reaction between hydrogen sulfide and sodium hydroxide.

Schematic Flow Diagram of Production Units

Sodium hydrosulfide Production Unit
Sodium hydrosulfide production unit


  • High-purity products
  • Compact and economical production plants
  • Lower cost and better safety than purchasing H2S
  • High-performance and long-life catalyst for 2nd reactor


  • Engineering plastic (PPS)
  • Amino acid (methionine)
  • Non-ferrous metal refining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics


  • Hydrogen sulfide production : 2+1 (design in progress) units
  • Sodium hydrosulfide production : 4+1 (design in progress) units


  • Technology Award of The Japan Petroleum Institute (2000)