Materials Selection for Plant Facilities

Plant materials selection has a significant impact on the long-term reliability of equipment. We are contracted to select materials when renewing facilities or developing, improving, or modifying processes.
We use the materials technology data we have accumulated over many years, engineering data based on plant construction experience, damage case studies, and the latest materials technology information, as well as new corrosion technology information as needed. We also conduct new corrosion evaluation tests as necessary and select the most suitable materials.
We can handle not only metallic, organic, and inorganic materials, but also corrosion-resistant materials for interior and exterior surfaces, including coating.

Target Facilities

All types of plants, including hydrogen and ammonia synthesis plants, CCS/CCUS, biomass plants, petroleum refining plants, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plants, and general industrial plants such as medical and waste treatment plants

Ammonia synthesis demonstration test
CCS demonstration facility

We also assist in the materials selection for plants that support a decarbonized society.

Plant Diagnosis and Lifetime Improvement Service "PLANT PLUS℠"