Improvement of Maintenance Strategy to Corrosion Damages; Investigation of the Root Causes and Countermeasures

1.Improvement of Maintenance Strategies to Cope with Corrosion Damage

Due to aging facilities and changes in process conditions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage corrosion and damage with conventional maintenance strategies. Our experts in materials, corrosion, welding, and coating, who are familiar with plant processes, design, and maintenance, screen the issues and propose measures to extend the life of the plant.

Case Studies

  • Diagnosis of the integrity of piping and equipment (Case① FCC equipment diagnostic examples; Case ② Remaining Life estimation of furnace tubes; Other examples)
  • Reliability assessment and proposed countermeasures in the event of a change in crude oil properties
  • Proposal for measures to prevent corrosion under insulation
  • Support for the introduction of Risk-based Maintenance (RBM)
    Individualized services such as the creation of corrosion loops, corrosive environment monitoring locations, risk assessment, etc.

2.Investigation of the Causes of Corrosion Damage and Proposal of Countermeasures

We quickly investigate the cause of corrosion and damage problems. By combining damage analysis from the viewpoints of materials, corrosion, and welding with stress evaluation using finite element analysis (FEM analysis) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis technology, we provide advanced technological services to evaluate the damage and determine the damage resistance of a structure. We also make appropriate judgments based on the deterioration mechanism of the corrosion-damaged area and the degree of deterioration to determine whether welding repairs are possible or not, and propose the optimal repair method. To restore the reliability of plant facilities, we provide a wide range of services, such as examining strategies for the horizontal examination of problems and making proposals for process improvement.

  • Investigation of corrosion damage found during periodic repairs or during operation
  • Investigation of materials damaged causing leakage, fire, etc.
  • Heat Exchanger and Furnace Tube Extraction Survey
  • Investigation of causes of deterioration and peeling of interior and exterior painted surfaces
Example of boiler tube damage analysis (In addition to investigating the cause, we can also provide suggestions for operational management.)
Example of ERW pipe problem during operation (We also propose specific countermeasures for product quality problems.)

Plant Diagnosis and Lifetime Improvement Service "PLANT PLUS℠"