Training Programs for Human Resources in Resource-Producing Countries

Trainees from Mozambique (along with the company's Chairman & CEO and President & COO)

Over the past several decades, the company has conducted various training programs for engineers and students specializing in fields such as chemical engineering from resource-producing countries for the purpose of strengthening relationships with such countries. Many of the participants in these programs have contributed to resource development and industrial development in their own countries after returning home, which has also led to increased business for the company with these countries.
Although the contents of these programs differ according to the objectives and learning outcomes set by companies and universities that send participants to the program, as well as the training period, the programs primarily consist of practical lectures and OJT in project management and various design technologies that take advantage of our characteristics as an engineering company with an extensive project completion track record in countries around the world.

Selected Training Programs Finished in Fiscal 2017

Companies and universities Number of trainees accepted Duration
State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic 6 8 months
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia) 4 2 to 8 months
Mozambique Ministry of Mineral Resources, and others (*1) 14 1 month
National Oil/gas Companies, etc. (*2) 126 Half to a few days
  • *1 Contracted project from the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
  • *2 Contracted project from the Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum