Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Technology

High-pressure Regenerative CO2 Capture (HiPACT®) Process

Gas processing and CCS facility
(operated by Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS), Serbia)

HiPACT® is a technology for absorbing and separating CO2 from natural and synthetic gases and capturing it at high pressure. With this technology, CO2 can be stored underground (CCS: Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage) at low cost, while dramatically reducing additional energy required for CCS, helping to prevent global warming. The process, which was developed jointly by JGC and BASF, was introduced at a natural gas plant owned by INPEX Corporation in 2010 to demonstrate its viability. Since January 2015, a Serbian oil company has operated a commercial gas processing and CCS facility with a CO2 recovery unit using the HiPACT® process.

HiPACT® process flow (example)

CCS Schematic

CCS Schematic