Project Execution Accomplishments

Based on a unique viewpoint as an engineering company, JGC optimizes diverse themes arising in hospital construction (listed below), and executes hospital construction projects successfully.

  • Absence of "soft" aspects (medical care, management, function, information system plan) due to prioritizing "hard" aspects (construction) in the client hospital
  • Absence of experts for cost estimation and control of it
  • No human resource who can take on the role of connecting medical care and construction of it
  • Backtracking of plans when the costs and schedule do not match

Project Management (PM)

From start to finish of the project, under the consistent philosophy of "Any medical facility exists for realizing the medical care that clients aim for," JGC implements comprehensive project management. Under the initiative of the project manager who supervises the project overall, each component of quality, cost and schedule is precisely controlled, leading to the success of the hospital construction project.

Basic Concept/Basic Plan

JGC investigates and analyzes the internal and external environments surrounding the hospital, clarifies the optimal future vision of the hospital, and drafts an objective and optimal business plan considering economic efficiency.

Coordination of Assistance from Various External Organizations

JGC assists the client hospital through complex procedures and negotiations with various external bodies concerned with hospital construction projects, including various government offices, financial institutions, medical equipment manufacturers, and construction companies.


Engineers specialized in such areas as architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and system engineering, who also have extensive experience in hospital design and expertise in hospital operations, participate in the projects from the project's early stage, and engage in design under a consistent philosophy from the basic plan stage through the detailed designing and design supervision.


A construction manager (CM) with experience in hospital construction helps to build a hospital that embodies the target of the health care, supervise various contractors such as building constructors and machinery, electric and medical equipment vendors, conduct coordination among these various contractors, and implement optimization of quality, cost and schedule of the project.

Procurement of Medical Equipment, Furniture, and Fixtures etc.

JGC objectively conducts comparative evaluation of procurement, independently from a specific manufacturer, and procures optimum medical equipment, furniture, fixtures, and various system/software. Also, in cooperation with the designers and construction companies, JGC coordinates connection with various equipment, and makes adjustment of their loading and installation plan.

What is JGC Hospital Engineering

By means of the Project Management approach, total optimization can be materialized in terms of costs, construction period and quality.

What is JGC Hospital Engineering