Introduction Support of Hospital Information System

JGC regards information systems as an important infrastructure that supports the management and operation of hospitals. Based on this idea, we provide consistent support at each stage of systemization: information system planning, system basic design, preparation of system specification, evaluation and selection of system vendors, system introduction and construction, stable operation phase of the system, in parallel with formulation of basic concept and plan, and design of the facilities.

At the stages of the overall plan, the system basic design, and system introduction, JGC and the concerned with the project maintain each appropriate responsibility to execute the project.

JGC selects and constructs an optimal system with high cost performance for the clients in the light of their requests, introduction effect, application and lifecycle cost, free from any restriction of specified manufacturers and products. In order to introduce such a system, we thoroughly carry out quality, cost, and schedule control through various project management methods not only at the planning but also the implementation stage.

Flow of System Introduction Support

Flow of System Introduction Support

1st Stage: Overall Plan

Overall Plan

2nd Stage: System Basic Plan

System Basic Plan

3rd Stage: System Introduction Support

System Introduction Support