Basic Concept/Basic Plan Decisions

The "Basic Concept/Basic Plan" must prove that it is a "viable business plan" and at the same time clarify the "vision and functions of the new hospital." In that sense, the formulation of the both can be characterized as an important step for determining the direction of the hospital construction project.
JGC aims to realize the three points below by working together with the hospital in support of making the best plan.

①Accurately Comprehend the Current Situation to Formulate the Ideal New Hospital Image

JGC believes that a plan to only renew the building while the functions remain status quo is difficult to succeed as a business action. In order to lead the project to success, we believe the most important point is to make clear the ideal hospital image by taking into account conditions inside and outside the hospital.

First, in order to accurately comprehend current conditions, we conduct a wide-ranging assessment and analysis of issues such as hospital operating conditions and the conditions in the surrounding community and contemplate measures for issues (for example, gaps between hospital ward functions and the type of inpatient) that get highlighted during this process.

Also, along with the research and analysis, we conduct a series of interviews to collect "thoughts about the future of the hospital" from hospital staff. Since the "ideal hospital image" based on objective facts is revealed through this kind of process, it can be easily shared among the relevant parties.

Sample of External Environment Survey
Sample of external environment survey
Sample of Internal Environment Survey
Sample of internal environment survey
Sample of Plan of New Hospital Ward Image
Sample of plan of new hospital ward image

②Make a Volume Study Considering Site Environments and Hospital Functions

To get an understanding of the construction costs, we calculate the hospital building volume based on constraints of site conditions and the functions required of the hospital. Sharing an image of the building and its construction costs with the relevant parties from this stage must help to reduce a lot of gaps between the designer and the client in imagining the building, and subdues an imbalance between the investment amount and the hospital functions.

Sample of Volume Study
Sample of volume study

③Understand the Financial Balance Related to the Hospital Construction Investment and Find Out the Target Balance Conditions

In order to provide stable medical services in the future, the hospital business itself must be sound. JGC objectively assesses changes in the financial situation of "profit and loss" and "cash flow" due to hospital construction investment by using our propriety system, "Financial Balance Study Program for Healthcare Facilities." Furthermore, we carry out case studies under certain conditions in order to find the balancing points that will realize a stable hospital business and provide feedback based on those conditions with the study of the new hospital functions. That is how we will brush up the function plans.

Sample of Business Financial Balance Study
Sample of business financial balance study