Mortar Filling Solidification Process

This process is designed to stabilize, by means of mortar solidification, various radioactive solid wastes from nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants and other nuclear facilities, such as radioactive metals, steel materials, insulation materials, concrete, and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. In the conditioning operation, a special high-fluidity mortar is poured into a container holding radioactive solid wastes. The mortar enters into even fine gaps in and between the solid waste items, and a very stable solidified product is obtained.

Process Flow

Process flow
Conditioning installation unit
Conditioning installation unit
Inside view of solidified substances
Inside view of solidified substances


  • Simple plant configuration
  • Rapid conditioning
  • Applicability to various solid wastes
  • High-fluidity mortar


  • Stabilization of metal wastes, nonflammable and incombustible wastes from nuclear facilities


  • "A" Nuclear Power Plant (BWR) in Japan
  • "B" Nuclear Power Plant (BWR) in Japan