Example of Shutdown Maintenance and Modification

JGC operates and manages work in a creative manner, as meticulously planned, backed by abundant experience and exerting superb technologies. We will introduce a project we have delivered for Chemical Company A.


The existing tower, whose wall thickness was found lessened with age, was removed and replaced with a new one, in which new trays were installed and part of the existing piping was renewed.

Removal of the existing tower Quantity: 1/Height: 30 meters/Weight: 130 tons/Removal of existing internals, platform, accessories and hot insulation was involved.
Installation of a new tower Quantity: 1/Height: 30 meters/Weight: 100 tons/Installation of a platform, accessories, hot insulation, and Sulzer's 38 trays (as internals) was involved.

Shortening of Term of Work Using the Dress-up Method

Due to the short term of work, JGC planned to remove the existing tower without detaching the internals, platforms, accessories and hot insulation, meaning that the existing lifting lugs were not strong enough to lift them all together. JGC then conducted strength calculations and manufactured newly designed stronger lifting lugs to tackle this issue.
To install a new tower, JGC applied the dress-up method, by which piping, platforms, ladders and hot insulation were installed before the new tower, thereby reducing work that was carried out after the new tower was installed. A 650-ton crawler crane was used.
Having closely studied work procedures at the planning stage, JGC successfully completed the tower replacement work without any troubles.