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Solving Diversified Water Infrastructure Issues

The needs for water infrastructure are becoming more and more diverse, including the repair and improvement of aging facilities in developed countries, the improvement of the quality of sewage treatment and the expansion of treatment capacity in response to urbanization in emerging countries, the development of water supply, sewage disposal, and decentralized treatment facilities in developing countries, and seawater desalination in island nations. JGC Global is committed toJGC Global is not only involved in the development of these diverse water infrastructures, but also offers proposals that contribute to reducing the environmental impact of water infrastructure development, such as reusing water and eliminating wastewater.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Why JGC?

  1. 1.We propose water infrastructure business plans from a comprehensive perspective. We propose water infrastructure plans that meet the needs of the community and the customer from an integrated perspective that includes business planning, design, construction, and maintenance management.

    ⟨Business alliance with Nissui-Con⟩

    In April 2021, JGC Global signed a business alliance agreement in the field of water infrastructure with Nissui-Con Corporation, a consultant company specializing in water. Through synergies between JGC Global's engineering and project management capabilities and JGC Global's solution technologies for reducing environmental impact and JGC Global's extensive technical expertise in water infrastructure, JGC Global aims to realize water infrastructure that is both environmentally compatible and economically viable.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  2. 2.We have a wide range of technologies related to water infrastructure, including water supply and sewage, industrial water, seawater desalination, wastewater, leachate, industrial wastewater, recycled water, domestic wastewater, and pure water.

    ⟨Supported Technologies⟩

    • 原水調整(沈砂池)
    • 再生水
    • 嫌気処理
    • 凝集沈殿
    • 高度処理(UF+RO)
    • 凝集剤
    • 砂ろ過
    • 膜処理(高Flux)
    • 油水分離
    • 除鉄・除マンガン
    • 海淡
    • 化学物質除去
    • 活性汚泥法
    • MBR法(高負荷)
    • 重金属除去
    • MBR法
    • 回収
    • ミネラル添加
    • 高度処理(活性炭、オゾン)
    • 省電力
    • 膜処理(MF、UF、RO)
    • 汚泥処理(濃縮、脱水、堆肥化)
    • 脱臭
  3. 3.We contribute to the realization of complex infrastructures that achieve decarbonization and low-carbonization. We propose high value-added complex infrastructures that achieve decarbonization and low-carbonization, including optimal integration with renewable energy from the business planning stage, for industrial parks and regional developments equipped with water treatment facilities.


  • (2000年以降)21か国にて34件のプロジェクト実績(石油・ガス施設関連)
  • 10,000トン/日 以上の実績
    • RO Desalination 1件 サウジアラビア(KSA)
    • Raw Water Treatment 2件 クウェート、カタール
    • Waste Water Treatment 4件 KSA、カザフスタン、アルジェリア、パキスタン
Facility Client Location Completion Capacity [m3/day]
Desalination Saudi Aramco KSA 2013 22,000
Raw Water Treatment KNPC
Dolphin Energy Ltd.
Not Disclosed
Waste Water Treatment Saudi Aramco
KazMunayGas / MARUBENI
Organisation Ourhoud
Pak-Arab Refinery Ltd.

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