Transportation Infrastructure

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Supporting the export of railroad infrastructure to Asia

The global railroad market continues to expand year by year, and further expansion of the railroad market is expected, especially in Asia, where demand for passenger and freight transportation is increasing in line with economic growth.JGC Global will contribute to the Japanese government's efforts to export railroad infrastructure overseas by shortening construction periods, reducing costs, and saving maintenance labor through an approach that pursues total optimization of railroad EPC through system integration backed by railroad technology, making full use of our strengths in project management, especially for mechanical and electrical systems, which are a complex collection of subsystems.

JGC CORPORATION Strengths in the Railway Infrastructure Field

Achieving Total Optimization of Railway EPC

Demonstrate engineering and project management skills with a focus on mechanical and electrical systems, which are complex collections of sub-systems.

High level of EPC execution (quality, cost, delivery, safety management) through in-house production of railroad technology (in-house design system)

Technical cooperation and partnering with general contractors, design companies, and manufacturers

Project management skills

Project execution skills (Skip to the top page of the infrastructure homepage with a link.)

Ability to analyze risk

Professional engineering skills required for railroad infrastructure

Basic Design

  1. 1.Track design
  2. 2.Train Running Simulation
  3. 3.Electric Power Simulation

Detailed Design

  1. 1.Civil and architectural design
  2. 2.Track structure and strength design, long rail design, track material selection and evaluation
  3. 3.Design of power transmission, transformation, and distribution systems
  4. 4.Design of renewable energy generation and regenerative energy storage systems
  5. 5.Signal and communication system design
  6. 6.Vehicle inspection flow and equipment layout design

Professional engineers with extensive experience in each elemental technology

  1. 1.RAMS, EMI/EMC Engineer
  2. 2.Seismic Design, Vibration and Noise Analysis Engineer
  3. 3.QA, QC Engineer
  4. 4.HSE Engineer
  5. 5.Commissioning Engineer
  6. 6.O&M Engineer

Application of DX technology to mechanical and electrical packages

  1. 1.Shorten construction period, reduce costs, and save maintenance labor through overall optimization
  2. 2.Application and utilization of world-standard 3D modeling technology and construction management methods
  3. 3.Propose a new maintenance concept based on the optimal design using BIM
  4. 4.Reduce maintenance workload through optimal plotting plans

Supports a wide range of transportation infrastructure (conventional railways, high-speed railroads, freight railroads, LRT, monorail, BRT, etc.)

Transportation infrastructure (airports, logistics)

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