Supporting the Roots of Industry and Livelihoods Worldwide


Energy infrastructure is a core component of all industry and people's livelihoods everywhere, and its availability is an important determining factor for a country's advancement. In particular, the development of power facilities is a pressing issue in many emerging countries with steadily growing electricity demand due to increasing populations and rising standards of living.
JGC has handled a wide range of EPC work for power facilities, including fossil fuel power plants using oil, gas, and coal as fuel, nuclear power plants, and biomass, solar, and other renewable energy power plants, and also operates its own power and water production businesses and solar power businesses.
JGC contributes to the promotion of energy infrastructure policies in various countries by developing power sources that accommodate the unique features of regions worldwide.


JGC provides EPC services for non-ferrous metal refining plants, organic and inorganic chemical plants, and other industrial infrastructure and manufactures various catalysts, fine chemical products, and fine ceramic products.
For non-ferrous metal refining plants, JGC has a robust track record in construction work for nickel and copper refining plants in Japan and other countries that leverage technology know-how accumulated through abundant project experience in the areas of nuclear power and chemicals.
In its manufacturing of various catalysts, fine chemical products, and fine ceramic products for use in petroleum refining and in chemical and environment areas, JGC aggressively develops technologies that contribute to new product and new material developments, responding to the expansion of global demand.


JGC has experience in a broad range of fields for social infrastructure that supports the foundation of daily lives and enables people to enjoy increased prosperity. It has provided EPC services for pharmaceutical plants, R&D facilities, hospitals, and many other facilities in the life sciences field, mainly in Japan.
Additionally, in business investment and operation, JGC is engaged in a wide range of activities, including urban development in India and China, hospital management in Cambodia, and vegetable cultivation and sales in Russia. It is also seeking to enter airport operation in the transportation infrastructure field.
JGC contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life for people in countries and regions around the world through its initiatives in a broad range of social infrastructure areas.