Dividend Policy

Shareholders Return Policy

JGC Holdings is committed to enhancing corporate value by developing its global businesses, while placing management priority on sharing profits with shareholders.

With regard to a specific dividend policy, JGC Holdings has a policy of appropriating profits by setting a target dividend payout ratio, comprehensively considering the maintenance of its capital base and the investment for growth to ensure the appropriate returns are paid to shareholders.

In the medium-term management plan "BSP2025", the following describes the shareholder return policy which will guide the payment of dividends during this the 5-year plan beginning in fiscal year 2021.

  • To pay a year-end dividend from the retained earnings once a year, and through linking with the company's business performance in each term, to aim for a consolidated payout ratio of 30% per year while maintaining a minimum annual dividend per share of 15 yen.
  • The acquisition of own shares will be made where appropriate in line with our business performance forecasts and the consideration of a free cash flow.
Fiscal year Annual Dividend per Share
As of Fiscal Year-End Full Year
Fiscal 2021 Ending March 2022 15.0 (Forecast) 15.0 (Forecast)
Fiscal 2020 Ending March 2021 12.0 12.0
Fiscal 2019 Ending March 2020 12.0 12.0
Fiscal 2018 Ending March 2019 28.5 28.5
Fiscal 2017 Ending March 2018 25.0 25.0