Dividend Policy

Shareholders Return Policy

JGC is committed to enhancing corporate value by developing its global businesses, while placing management priority on sharing profits with shareholders.

With regard to a specific dividend policy, JGC has a policy of appropriating profits by setting a target dividend payout ratio, comprehensively considering the maintenance of its capital base and the investment for growth to ensure the appropriate returns are paid to shareholders.

In the medium-term management plan "Beyond the Horizon" for the period of five years from fiscal 2016, the Company is committed to enhancing returns to shareholders while actively making investments for growth while paying due attention to capital efficiency. Accordingly, the dividend payout ratio is aimed for 30 % of profit attributable to owners of parent.

Fiscal year Annual Dividend per Share
As of Fiscal Year-End Full Year
Fiscal 2019 Ending March 2020 12.0 (Forecast) 12.0 (Forecast)
Fiscal 2018 Ending March 2019 28.5 28.5
Fiscal 2017 Ending March 2018 25.0 25.0
Fiscal 2016 Ending March 2017 30.0 30.0
Fiscal 2015 Ending March 2016 42.5 42.5