PV Solar Power Plant and Battery Energy System

Client The Ministry of Energy of Mongolia
Location Uliastai, Zavkhan Province/Mongolia
Completion 2022
Scope EPC, O&M
Capacity Power generation capacity: 5 MW and 3.6 MWh battery storage

This project is the first solar power generation project with battery energy storage system in Mongolia attached, which was awarded to the JGC Group in consortium with NGK Insulators (Japan) and MCS International (Mongolia) 2021 for the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia. The country's dependence on coal-fired power generation for electricity supply and the consequent air pollution are serious problems, and this project is part of the Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project which aims to expand the introduction of renewable energy and was financed by the Asian Development Bank. In addition to the loan from the Asian Development Bank, the project is financed by the Japan fund for Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM), which was established by the Ministry of the Environment.
The project features an Advanced Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Energy Management System (EMS) which will make it possible to use electric power from the 5 MW solar PV plant and other renewable power sources day and night to a domestic energy system network, and thus contribute to the energy security of the western region.
This will contribute to the improvement of energy security and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the country.
We will continue to propose optimal energy management solutions that include not only power generation but also storage systems, energy management systems, and power transmission, thereby contributing to the introduction and expansion of renewable energy and the construction of clean social infrastructure.

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