Mega-Solar Power Plant

Client Futtsu Solar, Inc.
Location Chiba/Japan
Completion 2014
Capacity 40,000 kW

This project newly established a large-scale solar power facility with a capacity of 40,000 kW (equivalent to the annual consumption of about 11,500 ordinary households), the largest in the Kanto region, in the former site (about 440,000 square meters) of the Asamayama gravel pit in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture. JGC was awarded the contract for this project from Futtsu Solar in 2013 and completed it according to schedule.

JGC Group has also been awarded contracts and executed projects for many mega-solar power plants in Japan since then, and has built up experience in construction of leading domestic mega-solar power plants on a capacity basis. In addition, leveraging its abundant experience in Japan, JGC was awarded the contract for the construction project of Vietnam's largest mega-solar power plant in 2018.

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