Nickel Smelting Plant

Client Taganito HPAL Nickel
Location Taganito/Philippines
Completion 2013
Scope EPC
Capacity 30,000 T/Y

The Taganito Project involved JGC constructing an HPAL smelting plant for processing low-grade nickel ore into nickel metal.

The plant is located in the Taganito region on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. This plant includes two massive 1,000-ton autoclaves (reactors) for leaching the low-grade nickel ore.

For the process to work, the insides of the autoclave must achieve extremely high temperature and pressure to elute the nickel particles through a reaction with sulfuric acid, and construction of equipment to meet these specifications requires highly advanced technological capability. JGC was chosen for receipt of this contract based on the client's trust in our diverse engineering technology and construction expertise, cultivated through many years of experience creating plants for oil refining, gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear power, and other fields.

Though the area around the plant site experiences extremely heavy rainfalls during monsoon season, and poses numerous other difficulties due to its remote location, JGC was able to complete the project by the scheduled deadline, and received high praise from the client.

JGC had previously received two other contracts for plants of this type from the same client, and completed both successfully. We are widely regarded as being one of the leading contractors worldwide in construction of plants of this type.

In the future, we aim to expand our work in the non-ferrous metals field beyond construction of refinery plants and into mine development and integrated management of non-ferrous metals projects.

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