Gas Processing Plant

Client Sonatrach
Location Gassi Touil/Algeria
Completion 2013
Capacity 12 MMSCMD

Operated by Sonatrach, the Gassi Touil natural gas gathering and separation plant is located in Algeria, a country where JGC has had more than 40 years of experience. The plant is situated in the Sahara Desert, 770 km southeast of the capital city of Algiers. Gas produced from a total of 52 different gas fields around the region is carried to the central processing facility at the plant via a network of pipelines totaling 360 km in length. At the plant, the gas is processed into three intermediates: sales gas, LPG, and condensate, and shipped to the transport terminal 14 km away. This gas is then transported to the Arzew LNG plant on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and exported as LNG.

Algeria is the ninth-largest producer of natural gas in the world, and natural gas and other hydrocarbon products make up about 97 % of Algeria's exports. However, due to rapid economic growth in recent years, energy consumption in the country is rising swiftly, and the Algerian government is looking to expand natural gas production even further. This project adds significantly to Algeria's total natural gas production capacity, and the Algerian government had been waiting for its completion with high expectations. Thanks to the effort made by all the project members, the long-awaited plant was completed in December 2013.

Several unforeseen circumstances caused difficulties with project execution, but due to the flexibility, creativity, and crisis-management ability of the project team, JGC overcame the obstacles, and with a monumental team effort, was able to complete the project successfully.

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