Crude Oil Gathering and Processing Facilities

Client Organisation Ourhoud
Location Ourhoud/Algeria
Completion 2003
Scope EPC
Capacity 240,000 BPSD

JGC landed a contract in 2000 from Organisation Ourhoud (a joint venture formed by the Algerian national oil/gas company, Sonatrach, and seven other companies from Europe and the U.S.) to construct a major crude oil processing plant, which was completed in 2003.

This was a major project requiring quick delivery of a large crude oil processing facility within 30 months to produce 240,000 barrels of oil per day at Ourhoud oil field in the Sahara Desert of Algeria. JGC had extensive experience and a solid track record in Algeria, and the company's refined cost-competitiveness based on that kept JGC one step ahead of competitors, and won high appraisal from the client for which the company succeeded in landing the contract.

This project involved installing pipelines to connect several dozen oil wells scattered around the premises covering an area of 15 square kilometers, and refining oil via a satellite at a crude oil refining facility, then transporting the refined oil along a pipeline via a storage tank. The work also included setting up a high-pressure water well to promote the recovery of crude oil, a high-pressure gas injection well (with a series of compressors to boost pressure in four stages), a utility well, a raw water treatment facility as a part of infrastructures, etc. It was the first full-scale, onshore, upstream project for JGC centered on the construction of well site facilities.

Moreover, the clients included not only Sonatrach, but numerous other companies from Europe and the U.S., so a different method of execution from conventional methods used in Algeria was employed. But JGC succeeded in completing the project thanks to its meticulous project management capabilities.

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