Crude Oil Processing Plant

Client Saudi Aramco
Location Manifa/Saudi Arabia
Completion 2013
Scope EPC
Capacity 900,000 BPSD

The aim of this project was to increase crude oil production in Saudi Arabia by 10 %, by constructing a Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) to process crude oil (Arabian Heavy) extracted from the Manifa offshore oil field off the Saudi Arabia's northern Arabian Gulf coast. The plant separates crude oil, gas, and water pumped out of the Manifa fields. JGC took charge of constructing a number of parts of the plant, including the water injection facility on the oil field, the crude oil storage tanks, shipping facilities, and others.

This was an especially challenging project for JGC in three different respects. Firstly, this was the first project awarded to JGC in Saudi Arabia for utilities, storage and shipping facility for GOSP, so that JGC had to acquire further know-how for selecting pressure and corrosion resistant piping materials. Secondly, part of the project would be undertaken by JGC's EPC subsidiary, JGC Gulf International, which had just been founded in 2008. Thirdly, as a result of the global recession that began in 2008, the future of the project was in doubt, and JGC had to draw on its long-term relationship of trust with the client to negotiate persistently for the project's realization.

Overcoming these difficulties, JGC successfully completed the project in 2013. Though JGC Gulf International had only just been founded at the time of the receipt of the contract for the project, and thus encountered all these challenging situations for the first time, the company overcame the obstacles, rapidly improving its project execution capabilities, rendering it able to take on future projects in Saudi Arabia as an independent contractor.

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